Casa Gerardo

Puerto Padre
Room   20 - 25.00 EUR

Near the waterfront in Puerto Padre

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At a glance
1 room

2 persons max.

1 double bed

Persons Rooms Season Price
2 1 low 20.00 EUR
2 1 high 25.00 EUR
High season:
January February March July August November December


The "Casa de los Delfines" is a well-equipped and maintained private hostel in Puerto Padre Cuba.

The rental room has a double bed, air conditioning, a private fridge and a table with chairs. The bathroom has been built recently and everything is like new. There is a hot water shower, a sink and the WC.

The dining room in the communal area has a large table, where you can take the meals. The tenant can use the kitchen to prepare meals on his own, but normally you would order the meals and the breakfast according to your taste.
In the other part of the room you have a sitting area with beautiful, antique furniture.

Accommodation details
Room equipment
Private bathroom
Air conditioning
Community area
Living room
Dining room
Services & Prices
Breakfast: 3 CUC
Meals: 6-10 CUC
Laundry Service: 3-5 CUC

Car rental


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Casa Gerardo tbc tbc 77210 Puerto Padre LTUCuba +53
20 - 25.00 EUR Near the waterfront in Puerto Padre - Persons: 1-2 persons max. Click here for a map. Lodging features:
  • Number of Rooms
  • Number of Double beds
  • Private Bathroom
  • Air Conditioning
  • Terrace
21.198596 -76.598415