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Cuba tourism | Baracoa Cuba  | 
Province: Guantanamo

Tourism: Beach | History | Nature | 

Once Baracoa was one of the best duarded secrets of Cuba. Today it's a "must see" for tourists on their vacations in Cuba.

Although the arrival to this remote area of Cuba is relatively strenuous (unless you arriv by plane), you won't be disappointed. Until 1964 it was only possible to rech Baracoa by sea. Since the road from Guantánamo to Baracoa is build, most of the people go by bus or rental car to this most eastern part of Cuba. The way leads through a spectacular landscape full of mountains and tropical nature.

The pictiouresque town and the surrounding countryside makes up for the trouble taken into account. Here it was, where Columbus in 1492 saw Cuba for the first time und still today you can see the 500 years old wooden cross in the old church of Baracoa "Catedrál de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción", which was placed here by the Italian discoverer.

Historical buildings like the old Spanish fortress "Fuerte Matachín", the beautiful beaches and the natural highlights like the magical table mountain "El Yunque" make Baracoa a first class travel destination on your vacations in Cuba. 

Lodgings Baracoa

Hostels Baracoa Cuba

The number of private lodgings - the Casas particulares in Baracoa - has adapted to the growing dem,and, so the traveler now finds a wide selection of these Casas de renta in Baracoa.

Also, there are some beautiful hotels in Baracoa, some of them which a long and interesting history (for instance "Hotel La Rusa").

Sights in Baracoa

Baracoa Cuba Sights - Wandern in Kuba - El Yunque Berg
Cathedral "Nuestra Señora de la Asunción" in Baracoa:

Church in Baracoa. Although already "somewhat long in the tooth", this cathedral is one of the most important religous & historical places in Cuba. Here is located the 500 years old, studded with silver, wooden cross of Columbus.

Baracoa Cuba Sights - Nationalpark
Fortress "Fuerte Matachín":

At the end of the beach promenade ("Malecón") of Baracoa you find this old Spanish fort.

Mountain "El Yunque":

The silhouette of Table Mountain "El Yunque", which piles up majestically behind Baracoa, is one of the most famous landmarks in Cuba. An organized tour costs about 20 CUC. Nature lovers will be rewarded with a magnificent view of the fantastic scenery around. On the plateau of "El Yunque" live many endemic  animal and plant species. If you have enough power for the climb, you should'nt miss this highlight.

Cuba Baracoa Cuba

Province Guantanamo

  • ProvinceGuantanamo
  • Provincial Capital:
  • Distance from provincial capital: 100 km

  • Havana: 1074 km 
  • Santiago de Cuba: 170  km 

  • Map & Next provinces
Baracoa Cuba Map Province Guantanamo
  • Sights in Cuba Baracoa Cuba
    Cathedral "Nuestra Señora de la Asunción" in Baracoa
    Fortress "Fuerte Matachín"
    Mountain "El Yunque"

  • Beach in Cuba Baracoa Cuba
    Beach"Playa Maguana"
    Beach "Playa Duaba"
    Beach "Playa Blanca"

  • Restaurant in Cuba Baracoa Cuba
    Restaurant "La Punta"
    Pizzería "Baracoesa"

  • Paladares in Cuba Baracoa Cuba
    Paladar "El Colonial"

  • Bars & clubs in Cuba Baracoa Cuba
    "El Ranchón"
    "La Terraza"

Useful Informations
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    You find public wifi at the "Parque Central" (before buy a prepaid-card in the ETECSA-telephone-shop)
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  • Airport in Cuba Baracoa Cuba
    Airport:  Airport Baracoa Cuba


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Beaches in Baracoa

Cuba Travel Guide: - Baracoa Beaches

The most beautiful beaches of Baracoa are called "Playa Duaba" in the north and "Playa Blanca" in the south of the city. 22 km's outside Baracoa is located the "Playa Maguana" - a white sandy beach.
However, you can discover many small, picturesque bays with lovely beaches along the coast of Baracoa area. Often you find friendly locals, offering delicious dishes with fish and seafood.

Beach"Playa Maguana":

The "Playa Maguana" Baracoa is located about 20 km north of the city. This magnificent beach is framed by volcanic rocks that give a special touch to this shore.

There is a hotel available on this great spot, called "Villa Maguana". It has been lovingly renovated to match the wonderful nature here.

Beach "Playa Duaba":
Beach "Playa Blanca":

Restaurants & Paladares in Baracoa

 Restaurants in Baracoa

Restaurant "La Punta"
Pizzería "Baracoesa"

 Paladares in Baracoa

Paladar "El Colonial"

Nightlife: Bars, pubs & clubs in Baracoa

"El Ranchón"
"La Terraza"

Arrival to Baracoa - Guantanamo Cuba

Baracoa ist mit dem Rest Kubas durch Busverbindungen der kubanischen Buslinie VIAZUL verbunden. Die Viazul-Busse steuern die Provinzhauptstadt Guantanamo und Santiago de Cuba an.

Außerdem gibt einen Flugplatz in Baracoa ("Gustavo Rizo" . BCA). Havana wird 2x wöchentlich abgeflogen und eine Strecke kostet 140 EUR. Der Flug ist sinnvoll für Leute, die weniger Zeit haben und also nach Baracoa fliegen und dann auf dem Landweg nach Kuba zurückfahren, um Land und Leute kennen zu lernen. 

Baracoa Cuba Map

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