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Playas del Este - Havana beaches


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District Playas del Este

Playas del Este

Playas de Este (Havana’s tropical beaches) start 18 kms to the east of the capital city. This stunning stretch of coastline begins at Bacuranao, and then continues through Tarará, El Mégano, Santa María del Mar and Boca Ciega on to the town of Guanabo.

This delightful stretch of Atlantic paradise is where all the locals come to play and chill-out during the balmy months of July and August. If you want an escape from the modern touristy developments or an authentic Cuban beach experience, this is the place to go!

The beaches all have their own unique character and charm. Tarará is a diver’s paradise and an idyllic sailing destination. Boca Ciega is popular with gay couples. While Santa María del Mar is where you’ll find the most tourists and pricey resorts, Guanabo is at the more rustic end of the scale with cheap hotels, casas particulares (private houses) along with some local-type nightclubs and small shops. 

During winter months these beaches can often look scruffy and almost desolate but that all part of their charm! In summer however, they get jam-packed with crazy Cubans, all out to party, swim, socialise, mingle and have fun.

In terms of facilities, these postcard perfect beaches are quite limited. So far, they have remained relatively tourism-free when compared with the likes of say Cancun or Cayo Coco. But, be warned, the crowds will inevitably come, so get here fast!

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District: Playas del Este
City map Playas del Este Cuba

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    Tourist office

  • Money exchange  District Playas del Este
    Money exchange* all the bigger hotels have a moeny exchange office
    * Cadeca Santa María (Av de las Terrazas btwn Calles 10 & 11 / "Edificio Los Caroles" building )

  • Internet Playas del Este Cuba

  • District Playas del Este Cuba Hospital
    *Clínica Internacional de Playas del Este - Ave. de las Terrazas No. 36 / Playa Santa María del Mar / Tlf.: (53 7) 97-1032 · 97-1651 · 97-1626
    normally all the bigger hotels have medical care

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Private accommodation Playas del Este
Lodging Havana Cuba

Playas del Este offers a wide range of accommodation – everything from rustic hotels and tourist resorts to friendly casas particulares.

Here’s a few options…

Hotel Blau Club Arenal
This is, arguably, the most stylish hotel in Playas del Este. With over 165 rooms set around a gorgeous swimming pool, ground floor patios and exquisite suites, Blau Club Arenal offers and elegant and comfortable Cuban beach experience holiday experience. Best of all, it’s just 150 kms away from the beach.

Aparthotel Las Terrazas
Las Terrazas has good quality apartments with all the main cooking facilities (including fridges and televisions). There’s a popular disco here and a split-level pool.

Pablo M Durán Jubiel & Rosario Redonda (Casa Particulare)
A quaint and cosy little house located very close to the beach. It has a kitchen and patio.

Villa Los Pinos
Los Pinos offer stylish private accommodation. The houses here are equipped with kitchens and TV’s. Most have swimming pools and feel like small private homes. 

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    Playas del Este beaches

  • District Playas del Este - Hotels
    Hotel Blau Arenal Club
    Aparthotel Izlazul Las Terrazas
    Hotel Gran Caribe Club Atlántico
    Hotel Villa Mégano
    Hotel Villa Armonía Tarará
    Hotel Villa Los Pinos
    Hotel Villa Armonía Tarará

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Sights & Monuments in Playas del Este beaches

Sights and travel guide beaches Havana - Playas del Este

Tourism in Playas del Este: The main sights or attractions in Playas del Este are unquestionably the bright white sands, pristine turquoise waters and endless blue skies! Yes, the beaches are what you come here for!

The Playas del Este beaches are well connected with the main districts of Havana. Most of the Playas del Este Hotels offer shuttle service 3 times a day.

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    Excursion to the center of Havana

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    Public pools

  • Beaches Havana travel guide District Playas del Este - Tourism
    "Playa Bacuranao" beach (Havana)
    "Playa Tarará" beach
    "Playa Mégano" beach
    "Playa Santa María" beach
    "Playa Boca Ciega" beach
    "Playa Guanabo" beach
    "Tropico, Puerto Escondido and Playa Jibacoa" beaches
    Marina Hemingway and El Salado beach

Fun, leisure & sports in Playas del Este beaches

Try kite boarding! 
With huge sandy beaches, just 20 minutes from the city centre and safe, consistent conditions, Playa del Este is an excellent kite boarding location. The wind usually comes from the east. Best months are October, November and April. It’s normally windy all throughout the winter. Watch out for tourists in the summer!
Go catamaran sailing!
Sure to be a memorable highlight! A lovely way to spend a balmy Cuban evening or fun family adventure that the kids will love. Most hotels here offer opportunities for marine sports during high season.  

Yacht charters and deep-sea fishing can be arranged by Cubanacán Náutica Tarará, located just over 20 km east of Havana. 


If you want to hit the depths you can go scuba diving at the Diving Center Tarará. Depths typically range from 5 – 25 meters. Expect to see some fascinating wrecks, colorful coral, narrow caves and a massive variety of fish. You can also go snorkelling at a variety of locations along the coast. Ask at the local dive centre or hotel for the best spots.

Marinas Puertosol,
Marina Tarará,
La Habana del Este,
Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba
Phone: +53 7 971462

If this all sounds like way too much physical exertion, why not just chill out on the beach with a cocktail or beer, maybe brush up on the tan! Be careful though, the sun here gets very strong! Make sure to wear appropriate sunscreen!

Excursion to the center of Havana

If you get bored of the beach, you can always just hop on a bus and experience the magic and romance of the Cuba’s legendary capital city – Havana/Havana Vieja (Old Havana). There are three buses per day that will get you there in no time!

Gastronomy - Restaurants and Paladares in Playas del Este beaches

Restaurant guide Havana Cuba - PLayas del Este beaches
  • Restaurants District Playas del Este - Review

  • Paladares District Playas del Este - Review
    Paladar Maeda (Guanabo) (Havana)
    Paladar Mercedes
    Paladar El Piccoli

There’s a wide and tasty variety of cuisine available here in Playas del Este – everthing from local Cuban to European and international.

Here’s a few options…

Restaurants in Playas del Este beaches
Paladares in Playas del Este beaches
Paladar Maeda (Guanabo) (Havana)Serving both Cuban and international food, this friendly paladar offers great variety at an excellent price. Worth checking out!

Nightlife in Playas del Este beaches

  • Nightlife District Playas del Este - Bars Review
    Disse test
    Disco test

  • Nightlife Havana travel guide District Playas del Este - Nightclubs Review
    Cabaret Guanimar
    La Paté

The nightlife here is fairly limited compared to other beach locations in Cuba. There are, however, a few interesting spots…

Bars in Playas del Este beaches
Disse testtesttesttesttest testte test testtesttest
Disco testtesttesttesttest testte test testtesttest
Nightclubs in Playas del Este beaches
Cabaret GuanimarCabaret Guanimar is an outdoor club with an 11pm show, where you can enjoy the balmy Cuban nights all year round. Front row seats are more expensive.
La PatéThe gay scene here revolves mainly around a La Paté – a beach bar at the east end of Santa María del Mar, near Restaurante Mi Cayito.

City map Playas del Este beaches

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