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Miramar Havana


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District Playa and Miramar and Marianao

West of Vedado, across the river Almendares, you’ll find the luxurious district of Playa & Miramar. Located inside the "Playa" municipality, is this the best residential area of Havana.

With wide streets and grand mansions from the 40th and 50th, Miramar is home to modern and exclusive hotels, most embassies and consulates, fine restaurants, spectacular nightclubs and Cuba's most famous avenue, the 5th Avenue ("Quinta Avenida").

Havana Tourist information

Cuba Havana travel guide

District: Playa and Miramar and Marianao
City map Playa and Miramar and Marianao Cuba

Useful informations
  • Havana travel guide District Playa and Miramar and Marianao - Tourist office
    Tourist office
    Tourist office "Hotel Panorama"
    "Infotur" office "Calle 3" street / corner "Calle 28" street

  • Money exchange  District Playa and Miramar and Marianao
    Money exchangein the big hotels - e.g. "Hotel Occidental Miramar"
    "Cadeca"Miramar ("5ª Avenida" nº 40 & 42)

  • Internet Playa and Miramar and Marianao Cuba
    "Hotel Meliá Habana"

  • District Playa and Miramar and Marianao Cuba Hospital
    "Clinica Central" - "calle 20 nº4101" / corner "Avenida 41" (Bezirk "Playa")
    "Hospital Frank Pais" ("Ave. 51 Nº 19603 e/ 196 y 200")
    "Hospital de la Maternidad" ("Linea"/ corner "Calle G")

  • Tourism Playa and Miramar and Marianao - Shopping
    "Miramar Trade Center" (various shops)
    "Casa del Habano" (cigars)
    "La Maison" (designer fashion)
Accommodation in Havana Miramar
Lodging Havana Cuba

Staying in one of the private lodgings - casas particulares in Miramar Havana, is similar to staying in a luxury hotel. Classic styled mansions with manicured gardens and some of them even with swimming pool are waiting for you. Well furnished, spacious and offering impeccable service with a touch of Cuban family life, a casa particular in Miramar is a great choice for people, looking for peace and nature without giving up the city life.

Miramar hotels are synonymous with quality and comfort. Amongst others you can find several hotels in Havana Miramar like the "Hotel Kohly", the "Hotel Comodoro", the "Hotel Occidental Miramar" or the "Hotel Meliá Habana". Prices may range between 50 and 200 CUC per night. The hotel service is excellent. These hotels are well furnished and decorated providing pools with spectacular views.

  • District Playa and Miramar and Marianao Cuba
    Rooms & Apartments
    Miramar Havana

  • District Playa and Miramar and Marianao - Hotels
    "Hotel Panorama"
    "Hotel Neptuno Tritón"
    "Hotel Copacobana"
    "Hotel Meliá"

  • Car rental Havana District Playa and Miramar and Marianao
    Car rental
    Hotel "Occidental Miramar"
    Hotel "Panorama"
    Hotel "El Bosque"
    Hotel "Kohly"

Sights & Monuments in Miramar Havana

Although Miramar doesn't offer the variety and wealth of monuments and architecture of downtown Havana, there are a lot of attractions, inviting the visitor to spend a day full of fun and new experiences. Discover the tempting offers, including museums, theater, fashion, and various water activities.

  • Havana travel guide District Playa and Miramar and Marianao - Tourism - Sights & Monuments
    Sights & Monuments
    Foundation for Nature and Man
    Aviation Museum
    Model of Havana

  • Havana travel guide District Playa and Miramar and Marianao - Tourism - Fun, leisure & sports
    Fun, leisure & sports
    National Aquarium of Cuba - "Acuario Nacional de Cuba" ("Corner Avenida" 3ª & "Calle 62")
    Marina Hemingway ("Avenida 5ª" corner "Calle 248")

  • Public pools Playa and Miramar and Marianao Havana travel guide
    Public pools
    "Hotel Occidental Miramar"
    "Hotel Panorama" ("Playa" municipality)

  • Beaches Havana travel guide District Playa and Miramar and Marianao - Tourism
    "Playas del Este" beaches Havana

Foundation for Nature and Man

   |   Fundaión Naturaleza y el Hombre
This foundation is home to one of the best museums in Havana. Created in 1994 by the Cuban anthropologist Antonio Nuñez Jimenez, who undertook an expedition of 17,422 km, exploring the Amazons region, the Caribbean and Latin America. The museum contains a fascinating collection of objects donated by Nuñez.
The foundation also has a library and a vast collection of photographs.
"Avenida 5B" nº 6611

Aviation Museum

   |   Museo del Aire
For aviation enthusiasts, this is the ideal site. A museum displaying old aircraft and helicopters, and many documents related to the Cuban achievements on this field.
Among their most admired are the Cessna 310, which was used by the legendary Che Guevara, and the spacesuit of the first Cuban and Latin American astronaut Arnaldo Tanayao.
"Calle 212" # "Calle 29" & "Calle 31"

Model of Havana

   |   Pabellón de la Maqueta de La Habana

This model of Havana, 22m long and 8m wide, is becoming more and more of a tourist attraction. It represents the main areas of the city on a scale of 1:1000. You can distinguish the different stages of urban development, covering the Colonial Period, the Republican Period and the Revolutionary Period of Havana Cuba.

"Calle 28" nº 113


   |   Pabexpo

This exhibition ground has 4 pavilions, where about 15 fairs a year take place. Among the most visited and popular is the International Crafts Fair, with a great variety and beauty of its articles, manufactured by the best artists and artisans from various countries.

"Avenida 17" corner "Calle 180"

Fun, leisure & sports in Miramar Havana

National Aquarium of Cuba - "Acuario Nacional de Cuba" ("Corner Avenida" 3ª & "Calle 62")
If you want to relax and spend a wonderful afternoon, visit the Aquarium of Havana. This place is very popular among tourists and Cuban families who come to enjoy the kings of the water show, the dolphins.
You can also see many saltwater tropical fishes and sea lions. Funny and beautiful.
What to do in Havana - activities
Marina Hemingway ("Avenida 5ª" corner "Calle 248")
The largest marina in Cuba provides a guaranteed 5-star-service. You can spend a relaxing warm and sunny day of fishing in the Caribbean, taking a ride on a yacht with a delicious lunch included.
But even if you don't want to charter a yacht, the Marina Hemingway in Havana is still worth a visit to enjoy the great ambience whilst sipping a mojito. This is one of the most visited and well-known places in Cuba. Don't miss it. On the weekends there are concerts and dance events.
Activities and What to do in Havana

Gastronomy - Restaurants and Paladares in Miramar Havana

  • Restaurants District Playa and Miramar and Marianao - Review
    Restaurant "Casa Española"
    Restaurant "La Ferminia"
    Restaurant "Don Cangrejo"

  • Paladares District Playa and Miramar and Marianao - Review
    Paladar "La Fontana"
    Paladar "Vista Mar"
    Paladar "La Esperanza"

The Miramar district ("Playa & Marianao") has an excellent choice of restaurants and private paldares - probably the best in all of Havana. The range includes the Cuban-Creole cuisine, Spanish Paella, seafood and also pizza. There is the perfect dish for every taste. 

The private restaurants in Havana - the so-called "Paladares" are at least the equal to their government-run competition and are often superior. For a reasonable price you get delicious home-cooked dishes here.

Restaurants in Miramar Havana
Restaurant "Casa Española"The restaurant "Casa Española" is one of the better places in Havana. In this castle-like building you can enjoy Spanish cuisine (recommendation: Paella 2 for Persons). The waiters are courteous and the prices are acceptable. Only the imported Spanish wines can push up the bill quickly.
Restaurant "La Ferminia"Excellent restaurant, located in a former private villa. You can have your meal surrounded by stylish, antique furniture or in the garden of this beautiful restaurant in Havana. We recommend the house speciality - grilled meat with veggies.
Restaurant "Don Cangrejo"Fresh fish and seafood dishes with sea views: lobster, mussels, squid. In the "Playa" zone "Don Cangrejo" is a classic among the seafood restaurants in Havana. The food is fine, but the reputation of this restaurant has also been reflected in the prices.
Paladares in Miramar Havana
Paladar "La Fontana"A really good tip for a restaurant in Havana Miramar district. Dishes made with fish and meat from the charcoal grill, served on the spacious terrace. You will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of dishes and the imagination of the chefs.
Paladar "Vista Mar"Paladar restaurant with sea views towards the Bay of Havana: The "Vistamar" paladar is located in a former private villa by the sea. The price / performance ratio is excellent here, and you won't be disappointed by any of the delicious seafood dishes.
Paladar "La Esperanza"Embark on a time travel and dine in a fashionable 40's atmosphere. The decoration is unique and the food excellent. Among the highlights on the menu you'll find the highly recommended flambe chicken and fish in wine sauce.

Nightlife in Miramar Havana

Nightlife guide Havana Cuba - nightclubs
  • Nightlife District Playa and Miramar and Marianao - Bars Review
    "Dos Gardenias"
    "La Maison"

  • Nightlife Havana travel guide District Playa and Miramar and Marianao - Nightclubs Review
    "Club Tropicana"
    "Casa de la Música" Miramar

There is a lot going on after sunset in Miramar district of Havana including "Playa" & "Marianao" borough's. Top-class bars, clubs and discotheques attract the revelers. We all heart about the magic "Club Tropicana". This world famous nightclub is housed in the "Marianao"municipy in Havana and continues to attract large numbers of visitors every night, wishing to to catch a glimpse of the "Golden Fifties".

Here some recomandations for nightlife in Havana district of Miramar:

Bars in Miramar Havana
"Dos Gardenias"Piano Bar, located at the "5ª Avenida" main street in Havana Miramar. The program includes "Bolero" music - romantic songs. Often live performances.
"La Maison"Stylish bar in an elegant colonial-style villa. Often there are fashion shows, where Cuban fashion designer show there last collection.
Nightclubs in Miramar Havana
"Club Tropicana""Club Tropicana", that means the best Cabaret Show with the best dancers in Cuba. Experience an unforgettable night, and feel like you’re in the Havana of the fifties. Whoever brings the necessary change (ticket costs: about 70 CUC), shouldn't miss a visit in this legendary nightclub in Havana - even if mass tourism has already left its mark.
"Casa de la Música" MiramarThe evenings in this famous and popular nightlife location in Havana Miramar district normally start with live music followed by salsa dancing. The later it gets, the hotter the atmosphere. Partygoers abound right here.

City map Miramar Havana

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