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Villa Clara


Cuba tourism Villa Clara

Cuba Villa Clara guide and hostels casa Santa Clara
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Villa Clara province is located in the central region of the Cuba between MatanzasSancti Spiritus and Cienfuegos. The capital city “the city of Che”, is home to the famous Che Guevara memorial that draws visitors from all over the globe.
Attractions in Villa Clara Province include the stunning Cayo Santa Maria, Los Remedios town and the Sierra del Escambrey mountain range - a nature lover’s paradise, with endless trekking opportunities.

Accommodation offers Villa Clara

tourist accommodation Villa Clara Cuba

If you’re looking for budget accommodation in Villa Clara, head to Bonifacio Martinez - a Small Street between Serafin Garcia and Carretera central.
It’s packed full of like-minded travelers and where you’ll find the most “private rooms” or casas particulares in Villa Clara. Most of them serve excellent value meals too. You could also try one of Villa Clara’s hotels or a campsite or motel outside of town.

Santa Clara capital

The capital city is home to one of Cuba’s most important universities and bursting with young intellectual energy. It’s a great place to go out and meet people. It’s also packed with tons of historical stuff, which can get a bit boring after a while. The Monumento Ernesto Che Guevara is its most notable asset - and nowadays a huge tourist attraction. It’s a mausoleum and museum complex rolled into one, guarded by a massive statue of “El Che” himself. Casas Particulares in Santa Clara you'll find a lot, right in the center of the city. There are some Hotels in Santa Clara, if you look for full service.


This laid back colonial town is one of the prettiest and most peaceful in Central Cuba. It’s probably best known for its dramatic Christmas festival "Las Parrandas de Remedios", which takes place between the 16th to the 26th of December every year. The two opposing neighbourhoods face off against each other with fireworks floats, dancing competitions and all manner of fiesta and fun!

As well as Che Guevara, Villa Clara has many attractions - from beaches and mountains to quaint colonial towns and idyllic little islands. Some of the best casas particulares in Villa Clara can be found in the capital city and Remedios. If you’re looking for a hotel in Villa Clara a good bet is the Hotel Santa Clara Libre on Parque Vidal.

Villa Clara - Cuba

Santa Clara Cuba

  • Capital: Santa Clara
  • Havana:                270 km
  • Santiago de Cuba: 598 km

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Top attractions in Villa Clara

  • Che Guevara - the legendary memorial in Santa Clara Capital
  • Remedios at Christmas time for the Parrandas celebrations
  • The deserted beaches of Cayo Santa Maria and Cayo Las Brujas
  • Trekking in the Sierra del Escambrey
Where to stay
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  • Hotels

    Santa Clara
    "Islazul Hotel Santa Clara Libre"
    "Hotel Cubanacan Villa La Granjita"
    "Hotel Cubanacan Villa Los Caneyes"

    Baños de Elegua
    "Hotel Islazul Elguea"

    Cayo Ensenachos
    "Hotel Occidental Royal Hideaway Ensenachos"

    Cayo Las Brujas
    "Hotel Gaviota Villa Las Brujas"

    Cayo Santa Maria
    "Hotel Mélia Las Dunas"
    "Hotel Melia Cayo Santa Maria"

    Sierra del Escambray
    "Hotel Islazul Hanabanilla"

    "Hotel Islazul Brisas Del Mar"

    "Hotel Encanto Mascotte"

Sights & Beach
  • Sights

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    Playa Ganuza
    Playa El Salto
    Playa de Duran
    Playa de Punta Gorda (Isabela de Sagua)
    Playa Colorado
    Playa Uvero
    Playa Pinon
    Playa Nazabal
    Playa Juan Francisco
    Playa Jinaguayabo

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Province Villa Clara

Cuba Beach: Villa Clara

The northern coast of Villa Clara is home a number of small islands with some amazing virgin beaches. Along with Cayo Santa Maria, there’s Las Brujas, Fragoso, Cobos, Ensenachos and Frances Cayo.  The beaches here remain untouched by tourism but this is changing fast.

  • Keys "Cayo Santa María" & "Cayo Las Brujas"

    Two of the best beaches are on Cayo Santa Maria and Cayo Las Brujas.

    Cayo Santa María

    Known as the “White Rose” of the Jardines del Rey Archipelago, Cayo Santa Maria is a small paradise island just 13 kilometers long and two kilometers wide. This virgin beach has brilliant fine white sands and glistening blue waters. There are three hotels on Cayo Santa Maria run by the hotel chain "Sol Melia".Santa Maria has over 11 kilometers of fine white sandy beach, plus a wealth of flora and fauna.
    The diving here is top class, with a colorful variety of coral and crystal clear waters teaming with tropical fish. There are over 24 dive sites here on this small island.

    Cayo Las Brujas

    The other key "Cayo Las Brujas" is a tiny castaway type island with just under two kilometers of pristine white sandy beach. The white sands and sparkling waters are some of the purest your likely to see in the whole of the Caribbean. Both Cayos are home to large numbers of plant and animal species that can be found nowhere else in Cuba.

  • Cayo Las Brujas

    Las Brujas es una pequeña isla con poco menos de dos kilómetros de playa. Las arenas blancas y aguas cristalinas son algunas de las más limpias que probablemente se puedan encontrar en todo el Caribe. Además de albergar una pequeña y acogedora villa, al igual que Cayo Santa María es el hogar de un gran número de especies vegetales y animales endémicos de la zona.

  • Baños de Elguea

    Se trata de un balneario con con manantiales ricos en sulfuros donde la temperatura puede alcanzar los 50ºC. Se ofrecen terapias de barro, masajes e hidroterapia. El sitio goza de muy buena reputación por sus tratamientos medicinales.

Travel in Cuba: Villa Clara
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