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Artemisa & Mayabeque


Cuba tourism Artemisa & Mayabeque

Las Terrazas Cuba
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Although it’s vicinity to Cuba’s capital city , Artemisa & Mayabeque relatively free of tourists. In general these provinces lacks any great tourist destinations but it’s an excellent place to visit if you want to get a real slice of Cuban life. Jibacoa Beach and the beautiful countryside surrounding Valley de Yumuri are just some of Havana’s highlights.

Accommodation offers Artemisa & Mayabeque

tourist accommodation Artemisa & Mayabeque Cuba

Accommodation in Havana (outside the city) can be found mainly around Playa Jibacoa. Camping is particularly popular here with budget travelers. There’s also a number of hotels in Havana province, along with a few all-inclusive resorts, located around Jibacoa. Casas particulares in Havana can be found mostly in the capital.

Las Terrazas

Artemisa - to see

One of the most scenic parts of Cuba, Las Terrazas is a nature lover’s paradise. It’s in the Sierra del Rosario Mountains. Swim in the clear blue waters of the San Juan River or go walking along the many mountain routes here.


Things to see in Artemisa and Mayabeque

With its spectacular orchid garden, Soroa is popular with both locals and foreigners. It’s just 70 kilometers from Havana. There’s a massive waterfall here that drops from 22 meters high. Hiking, mountain biking and horse-riding are popular activities here.

Charangas de Bejucal Festival

This Christmas festival takes place every year on the 24th December in the small town of Bejucal - right on the edge of Havana province. It’s one of the most popular celebrations in Cuba and one of country’s the longest running traditions.

The Charangas festival dates back to the 18th Century and sends thousands of revelers into the streets amongst massive dazzling floats and countless brass bands. It’s a fantastic mixture of fantasy, creativity, painting, music, art and dance.

Charangas is event not to be missed, if you’re in any way near Bejucal. There are shuttle trains going from Havana’s train station day and night on the 24th of December.

Artemisa and Mayabeque are often overlooked and is very much overshadowed by the nearby capital city. It’s pretty much off the beaten track but the amount of hotels and hostels (casas particulares) in Artemisa and Mayabeque is increasing all the time, along with other tourist attractions. For the moment though, it remains free of mass tourism and charmingly Cuban!

Artemisa Mayabeque - Cuba

Artemisa & Mayabeque

  • Capital: Artemisa - San José de la Lajas
  • Havana:                0 km
  • Santiago de Cuba: 0 km

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  • Havana province

Top attractions in Havana Province

  • Hiking and diving at Play Jibacoa
  • The Charangas de Bejucal Festival
  • The stunning Yumuri Valley
Where to stay
  • Artemisa & Mayabeque Cuba
    Hostels & Apartments
    Santa Cruz del Norte

  • Hotels

    Las Terrazas
    "Hotel Moka Las Terrazas"

    "Hotel Horizontes Villa Soroa"

    San Antonio de los Baños
    "Hotel Islazul Las Yagrumas"

    "SuperClubs Breezes Jibacoa"
    "Cameleon Villas Jibacoa"
    "Hotel Islazul Villa Loma"
    "Cabañas Campismo Pena Blanca"
    "Cabanas Campismo de Cocos"

Sights & Beach
  • Sights

  • Beach
    Playa Morrillo
    Playa Carenero (Bahía Honda)
    Playa Boca Ciega (Vista del Mar)
    Playa Mosquito (Nuevo Mariel)
    Playa del Salado
    Playa del Muerto
    Playa La Chivita
    Playa El Fraile
    Playa Jibacoa
    Playa Dura
    Playa Arroyo Bermejo
    Playa Tasajera
    Playa del Rosario
    Playa Mayabeque
    Playa de Ariza
    Playa Cajío
    Playa de Guanimar
    Playa Majana

Useful Informations
  • Internet Artemisa Mayabeque Cuba
    Public wifi from the ETECSA telephone company:

    - Boulevard (pedestrian zone)
    - Parque de la Iglesia (park by the church)


    - Park in the center of Güines

Province Artemisa Mayabeque

Cuba Beach: Artemisa Mayabeque

Havana province is home to a variety of beaches, including: Playa Arroyo Bermejo, Playas del Este, Guanabo Beach, El Mégano Beach, Playa Bacuranao, Playa Tarará, Santa María del Mar, Playa El Salado and Playa Jibacoa.

  • Havana beaches: Playa Jibacoa

    Jibacoa beach can found on the northern coast around 60 kilometers from the capital city of Havana. The sands here are excellent quality and the waters stay warm all year long. It’s a diver’s paradise, teaming with coral reefs and home to some fascinating wrecks, like the Jibacoa and Sparta ships.

    It lies on a cove, surrounded by hills making it a very attractive and secluded spot. Apart from sun, sand and sea, there are plenty of other outdoor activities to pursue in this area including horse riding, trekking and boat trips. Many people choose to stay at the Breezes Jibacoa Hotel or alternatively, go camping at El Abra.

    Jibacoa is also known as Playa Amarillo. It’s a Cuban’s beach - the preferred getaway for locals of ordinary means.

  • Havana beaches: Playas del Este

    Havana’s Eastern beaches are very popular with the local “Habaneros”, mainly because they’re so close to the city. They stretch for 24 kilometers along the north coast with clean white sands and endless coconut palms.

    Facilities here are scare but the natural settings more than make up for it. You won’t find as many tourists here as you would in the likes of Varadero, which makes a welcome change.

Travel in Cuba: Artemisa Mayabeque
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