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Havana Cuba


Cuba tourism Havana

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Havana city is a fascinating mix of crumbling architecture and vibrant culture along with vintage cars and cigars all thrown in. Its greatest asset however, is the local “Habaneros” who give the city that unmistakable Cuban charm.

Accommodation offers Havana

tourist accommodation Havana Cuba

Hotels in Havana city range in both quality and price. If you’re traveling on a budget, the best option is to stay in one of Havana’s casas particulares (private rooms) - they’re everywhere!

A casa particular in Havana or as well called casa de renta are the economic lodgings in the city. There are a lot and for a cheap price you will get a private room.

Although the city has its problems, it still retains a faded elegance and grandeur - along with a struggling, yet proud and welcoming population that you can’t help but fall in love with.

Districts of Havana

Cuba Havana - travel guide hotels and hostels - casas particulares

The most important parts of Havan are the districts Habana Vieja - Old-Havana, Centro Habana (Capitolio), Vedado (Culture, Nightlife and green residential area), Miramar (elegant residential area) and Playas del Este - the beaches of Havana.

In these districts you find the majority of all the hotels and private lodgings - casas particulares in Havana.

Old-Havana (Habana Vieja)

Havana - travel guide

The old part of Havana is literally chock-a-block with museums, memorials, art galleries and churches - way too much to see in one day. This is where most of the tourists go but don’t let that put you off, Habana Vieja is the most beautiful part of the city. It’s a lively spot, where you can expect to be hassled by one or two Jineteros (hustlers) but this is all part of the fun! Rest assured, Havana is an amazingly safe city due to its heavy police presence.

The old town is famous for the Catedral de San Cristoal de la Habana and Hemingway's bar - "La Bodeguita del Medio” where the drinks can be very pricey!

Central Havana (Centro Havana)

Havana Cuba - sights

Central Havana is home to the Capitolio - one of Havana’s divine architectural highlights. It looks like the US Capitol building in Washington (USA) but has much finer detail. Other highlights include the Real Fabrica de Tabacos Partagas - one Cuba's oldest cigar factories.

This is a working class area, where a lot of the buildings are unfortunately in a state of near collapse. It’s the place to go if you want to experience real Cuban life and culture - away from the glitzy resorts.

Havana Vedado

Cuba Havana Vedado

Located along the seafront, Havana’s Vedado district is packed with high-rise hotels, restaurants, and upscale commercial establishments. Casas particulares in Vedado are often more expensive but generally offer better quality.

Vedado is now Havana’s main commercial area. There’s a number of important landmarks here including: the Colon Cemetery (Cementerio de Cristóbal Colón), which dates back to 1876, and the University of Havana.

Havana Miramar

Havana Miramar

Go further west and you’ll come to the very exclusive Miramar. It’s all swish foreign embassies, up-market shops and wealthy foreigners. Accommodation in Miramar can be pricey. Although, it’s not perhaps the kind of cultural experience you’re likely to have in Central Havana, Miramar does have some fine colonial buildings and a very pleasant and relaxed feel to it.

Life isn’t easy in Havana - buildings have fallen into ruin and, water supplies are uncertain and it’s badly polluted. Yet, the local Habaneros remain gracious and outgoing.
Hotels in Havana offer all the usual tourist facilities but staying in a casa particulare in Havana is the best way to integrate with these exuberant and friendly people. This derelict and romantic city is certainly the coolest spot in the Caribbean.

Havana - Cuba

Havana Cuba - tourism

  • Capital: La Habana
  • Havana:                0 km
  • Santiago de Cuba: 860 km

  • Map & Next provinces

  • Guide to Havana

Top attractions in Havana City

  • The friendly locals - 'Los Habaneros'
  • Old Havana - the historical district of Havana, where you find a lot of beautiful architecture & museums
  • The Capitol 'Capitolio Nacional' in Centro Habana - must see!
  • The Cigar factories - for instance 'Partagas' - one of the most important cigar factories in Cuba - special atmosphere.
  • Ernest Hemingway Museum - have a look how this great man lived in Cuba.
  • Party in Vedado - visit the famous clubs in Vedado and feel like in the in the 50's!
  • The beaches - 'Playas del Este' - near the city center you find perfect beaches, hotels and great nightlife.
Where to stay
  • Havana Cuba
    Hostels & Apartments
    Centro Habana
    Playas del Este
    La Lisa
    10 de Octubre
    Arroyo Naranjo
    San Miguel del Padrón

  • Hotels

    Habana Vieja
    "Hotel Florida"
    "Hotel Los Frailes"
    "Hotel Ambos Mundos"
    "Hotel Del Tejadillo"
    "Hotel Park View"
    "Hotel Plaza"
    "Hotel Raquel"

    Centro Habana*
    "Hotel Lido"
    "Hotel Deauville"
    "Hotel NH Parque Central"
    "Hotel Saratoga"
    "Hotel Sevilla"
    "Hotel Telégrafo"
    "Hotel Park View"
    "Hotel Inglaterra"
    "Hotel Lincoln"
    "Hotel Caribbean"

    "Hotel Nacional"
    "Hotel Habana Libre"
    "Hotel St. Johns"
    "Hotel Vedado"
    "Hotel Capri"
    "Hotel Victoria"
    "Hotel Meliá Cohiba"
    "Hotel Presidente"
    "Hotel Riviera"
    "Hotel Colina"

    Playa & Miramar
    "Hotel Copacabana"
    Hotel Chateau Miramar"
    "Hotel Panorama"
    "Hotel Meliá Habana"
    "Hotel Triton Neptuno"
    "Hotel Comodoro"
    "Hotel Acuario"
    "Hotel Palco"
    "Hotel Occidental Miramar"
    "Hotel El Bosque"
    "Aparthotel Montehabana"
    "Hotel Kohly"

    Playas del Este
    "Hotel Blau Club Arenal"
    "Hotel Gran Caribe Villa Los Pinos"
    "Hotel Tropicoco Beach"
    "Hotel Atlantico"
    "Hotel Bacuranao"
    "Hotel Villa Tarara"
    "Hotel Mirador del Mar"
    "Hotel El Alba"
    "Hotel Ventaclub Tropico"

Sights & Beach
  • Sights
    "El Morro" Fortress
    Waterfront "El Malecón"
    "Calle Obispo" Street
    "Castillo de la Real Fuerza" fortress
    "Edificio Bacardí" building
    Hemingway's "Bodeguita del Medio"
    Museum of the Revolution ("Museo de la Revolución")
    Museum of Fine Arts ("Museo de Bellas Artes")
    Museum of Decorative Arts ("Museo de Artes Decorativas")
    ***Centro Habana***
    The Capitol of Havana - "Capitolio"
    Tobacco factory "Real Fábrica de Tabacos Partagas"
    China town "Barrio Chino"
    "Hotel Nacional"
    University of Havana ("Universidad de La Habana")
    Cemetery "Necrópolis Cristobal Colón"
    ***Miramar & Playa & Marianao***
    Dolphinarium "Acuario Nacional de Cuba"
    Marinas "Marina Hemingway"

  • Beach
    Playas del Este
    Playa Baracoa
    Playa Habana
    Playa de Santa Fe
    Playa de Jaimanitas
    Playa de Viriato
    Playa del Triton (Playa)
    Playa del Chivo
    Playa Bacuranao (Playas del Este)
    Playa Tarara (Playas del Este)
    Playa Veneciana (Playas del Este)
    Playa de Guanabo (Playas del Este)
    Playa de El Rincón

Useful Informations
  • Internet Havana Cuba
    Public wifi ETECSA telephone company (prepaid-cards: 2 CUC=1 hour)

    - "Parque Fe de la Valle" behind the Capitolio (corner Galiano/ San Miguel)
    - "La Rampa" in Vedado (between the Malecón-waterfront & the "Yara" cinema)

    Intenet cafe:

    - ETECSA-shop Calle Obispo street - Old-Havana (Habana Vieja)
    - "Centro Multiservicio" Vedado (Calle 17 between Calle B & Calle C)
    - "Telepunto" FOCSA Vedado (corner Calle 17 & M, in the Focsa-building)

Cuba Map: Havana

Gmap Havana districts EN

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Province Havana

Cuba Beach: Havana

Some of the best beaches to the east - the Playas del Este - include: Santa Maria and Guanabo. These are the largest and most popular, with fine white sands and crystal clear warm blue waters.

  • Beaches in Havana Cuba - Playa Santa Maria del Mar

    Santa Maria stretches for over eight kilometers and offers pristine sands and glistening warm waters. Facilities include - hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, and bars - everything you’d need for that easy beachside vacation. You can rent out jet skis, go sailing, take catamaran rides etc. or just laze in one of the many beachside bars and soak up the sun.

  • Beaches in Havana Cuba - Playa Guanabo

    Guanabo is the most visited of Havana’s Eastern beaches (Playas del Este). It’s 27 kilometres away from Havana. During the summer months it gets jam-packed with holidaymakers and sun-seekers. Facilities include - restaurants, shops, bars and nightclubs. Strangely, there aren’t that many hotels in Guanabo. You can however, find plenty of houses to rent in the area.

  • More beaches in Havana

    Go further east and you’ll come to the stunning Jibacoa, Tropico and Puerto Escondido Beaches - with glistening sands, clear waters, lush green vegetation and massive cliffs (up to 100 meters).

Travel in Cuba: Havana
  • Tourism Cuba Domestic flights Havana
    José Martí (HAV) (International & National) - about half an hour from the city by car. Taxi costs about 20 CUC. There is no bus connection. Rental car is the only alternative.

  • Bus station Havana
    Bus station
    Terminal Central Zoológico - the central bus station in Havana. From here you get to all the other provinces. If you don't rent a car - this is the place for independent travellers in Cuba!

  • Bus stations "ASTRO" Havana Province Cuba
    Bus stations "ASTRO"
    Terminal Central de Omnibús en la Ave Independencia n° 101 - ASTRo Buses are mostly used by Cubans, but tourists are allowed as well. Smaller and musch fuller busses. Prices a but lower the Viazul.

  • Train stations Havana Province Cuba
    Train stations
    Estación Central de Ferrocarriles: The train station of Havana. Train in Cuba is a bit adventure. Many breakdowns and you have to keep an eye on your luggage.The main connection is between Havana and Santiago. There is a slower and a faster train ("Tren especial" or "El Frances"). Normal train costs 30 CUC and the faster one 60 CUC to Santiago de Cuba.

  • Car rental Cuba Havana
    Car rental
    Aeropuerto La Habana José Martí
    Hotel Capri, Hotel Comodoro, Hotel Sevilla, Hotel Meliá Cohiba, Hotel Nacional, Hotel Riviera, Hotel Triton Neptuno, Hotel Copacobana, Hotel Plaza, etc.
    Playas del Este: Villa Panamericana, Hotel Tropicoco, Marina Tarará, Villa Mégano