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Puerto Padre


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Province: Las Tunas

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Puerto Padre, located in the north of the Las Tunas province is one of the most beautiful villages on the Atlantic coast of Cuba. Mass tourism has no role here and so, that the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. Near Puerto Padre are located the best (and mostly unspoiled by tourism) beaches of the Las Tunas province.

Before the Cuban Revolution Puerto Padre was, thanks to the numerous sugar plants (that still cover most part of the of the area between Puerto Padre and Las Tunas), the most prosperous place in the province. You can still find many buildings testifying the richness of this period. Especially in the main street and next to the park there are still many beautifull old buildings of the beginning of the 20th century to discover.

Lodgings Puerto Padre

Hostels Puerto Padre Cuba

The supply of private lodging or casas particulares in Puerto Padre is broad, but in the high season between November and March you should book early to ensure you get your favorite rental home. The lodgings are scattered throughout the city; but from the center you never are really far away, because Puerto Padre is a small town. offers cheap accommodation in all Cuba!

Sights in Puerto Padre

Puerto Padre Cuba Sights -
History of Puerto Padre:

The history of Puerto Padre is pretty interesting as it was one of the first places where the ships of Columbus passed. There even is a legend, that Puerto Padre was the first place, where Columbus landed in Cuba, but that is not proven. But even if this isn't the true, Puerto Padre appears on a map drawn in 1541 along with Baracoa and Gibara as Portus Patris.

Puerto Padre Cuba Sights -
Fort of Puerto Padre:

At the entrance to the little town you find the Fort of Puerto Padre, which was used in the 19th century to defend the city. Today visitors can see an exhibition of artifacts from the independence war and explore the the old architecture and overlook the plains between Puerto Padre and Las Tunas.

Water sports:

As on the coast of Puerto Padre there is always a little wind, the place is suitable for windsurfing and kiteboarding in Cuba. It is advisable to bring your own equipment as there is (still) no windsurf or kitesurfstation. Who decides to bring his own equipment, wil be rewarded with a bay only for himself.

Cuba Puerto Padre

Province Las Tunas

Puerto Padre Cuba Map Province Las Tunas
  • Sights in Cuba Puerto Padre
    History of Puerto Padre
    Fort of Puerto Padre
    Water sports

  • Beach in Cuba Puerto Padre
    Playa La Boca
    Playa La Llanita
    Playa "Punta Tomate"
    Playa "Punta Coreilla"
    Playa "La Herradura"

  • Restaurant in Cuba Puerto Padre
    Restaurant "Anacaona"
    Resatuarant "El Rápido"
    Restaurant Playa La Boca

  • Paladares in Cuba Puerto Padre
    Paladar de Irene
    Paladar Puerto Padre
    Paladares en la playa

  • Bars & clubs in Cuba Puerto Padre

  • Hotels in Cuba Puerto Padre
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Useful Informations
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Public transport
  • Airport in Cuba Puerto Padre
    Airport:  Las Tunas (VTU) Airport Cuba
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  • Public transport in Cuba Puerto Padre - Viazul bus connection
    Viazul bus connection  Viazul bus connection Cuba Las Tunas

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    Astro bus connection  Puerto Padre Cuba Astro bus connection

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    Train station:  Train station Cuba Las Tunas

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    Car Rental:  Car Rental Cuba Puerto Padre


Beaches in Puerto Padre

Cuba Travel Guide: - Puerto Padre Beaches

The best beaches of the Las Tunas province are located in the north of Puerto Padre, so, the small town is the best "base camp" to explore the coast with its long, mostly unknown and unspoiled beaches. The nearest beach is called "Playa La Boca" in is located 16 km away from Puerto Padre. Behind you find 30 km of undiscovered beaches, where anybody will find his lonely dream beach.

Playa La Boca:Playa La Llanita:Playa "Punta Tomate":Playa "Punta Coreilla":Playa "La Herradura":

Restaurants & Paladares in Puerto Padre

There is one restaurant in Puerto Padre right by the seafront. As well you will find some private restaurants - paladares and of course, the most comfortable kind is to eat where you stay - in the casa particular in Puerto Padre.

Hay un restaurante estatal en Puerto Padre que se encuentra al final des Malecón de la población. 

 Restaurants in Puerto Padre

Restaurant "Anacaona"

Right by the seafront of the bay of Puerto Padre. Simple Cuban dishes, but not so bad for a very reasonable price. You can py in Pesos Cubanos or CUC.

Resatuarant "El Rápido"

In the center of the village in the front of the Central Park. Fast food: spaghetti, pizza, sandwiches.

Restaurant Playa La Boca

On the "La Boca"-beach of Puerto Padre, there is one restaurant serving fried fish and fried bananas. It's ok.

 Paladares in Puerto Padre

Paladar de Irene

Very nice hostess. Good food for affordable prices. 5 minutes walk from the Central Park.

Paladar Puerto Padre

Placed on the main street in the front of the office of the telephone company "Etecsa" (there you get Internet). Good dishes (8-12 CUC) - indoor & outdoor.

Paladares en la playa

Ask the people on the beach. There are some paladares on the La Boca beach, where you can eat fish and sea food.

Nightlife: Bars, pubs & clubs in Puerto Padre

There is a nightclub and several bars in Puerto Padre. Especially on weekends the nightclub is highly recommended. Salsa, reggueton and rap music heat up the atmosphere and People are open and sociable. Certainly one of the best clubs of the province.

Arrival to Puerto Padre - Las Tunas Cuba

There are to bus conection from Havana to Puerto Padre (Astro - 12 hours) and as well to Santiago de Cuba. Another possibility is to take a Taxi from Las Tunas City (20-25 CUC) and if you arrive by airplane to Holguin, just pay a Taxi to bring you directly to Puerto Padre .
If you rent a car you are much mor independent from public transport, but this is more expensive.


Climate & weather in Puerto Padre

Thanks to its location by the Atlantic Ocean Puerto Padre provides a pleasant climate without the stifling heat inside the country. Sitting in one of the bars by the waterfront you always will enjoy a refrehing breeze.

Puerto Padre Cuba Map

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