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Restaurants in Old Havana



Old Havana - restaurants and paladaresRestaurant guide: Old-Havana

There are plenty of restaurants in Old Havana, wjere you can eat in a pleasant atmosphere. The culinary offer ranges from a fine lobster, through the Cuban Creole food, to simple sandwiches, pastas and pizzas.

The so called "Paladares", which are private restaurants, have opted for culinary innovation. Many have managed to turn their dishes in something special, beyond the standard offer.

The Habaneros like good food and they try all to offer the best dishes to their customers. 

Also most of the casa particular hostels offer to prepare meals. Prices never exceed those of a restaurant, but many time the quality is better.


Paladares & restaurants in Old-Havana

"La Julia"
O'Reilly 506
 % Bernaza & Villegas
  • Small but popular private restaurant in Old Havana. Offers dishes of pork in various ways. Friendly service and fair prices
  • Price level** 7 - 10 CUC
"El Rincón de Elegua"
Aguacate Nº 257
% Obispo & Obrapia
  • Delicious pork, chicken and fish. The service is good and the prices too. Full menu from 10 CUC
  • Price level** 6 - 12 CUC
"La Mulata del Sabor"
Sol Nº 153
% Cuba & San Ignacio
  • Small restaurant with intimate atmosphere. Cuban dishes with pork, chicken and rice with beans.
  • Price level** 10 CUC
"El Patio"
San Ignacio Nº 54
Plaza de la Catedral
  • Located by the "Plaza de la Catedral", in a beautiful 18th century building with a romantic atmosphere and delicious Cuban and internetional cuisine. It offers live music and excellent mojitos.
  • Price level** 10 - 20 CUC


Oficios Nº 12
% Obispo & Obrapia
  • One doesn't expect it, but there is an Arab restaurant in Havana. Recently restored and dedicated to the culture of the Niddle East. Among many other delicious dishes, it offers flafale, kebabs, couscous and tajine. A welcome change to pork and chicken.
  • Price level** 8 - 10 CUC
"Café del Oriente"
Oficios & Amargura
  • Great place with luxurious ambience and excellent service. You can order just a coffee or try one of the really delicious dishes. The offer inludes caviar, lobster, goose liver pate and a good wine list.
  • Price level** 7 - 12 CUC
"La Dominicana"
O'Reily & Mercaderes
  • Probably the best place to enjoy Italian food in Havana. The psta is "al dente" and the pizza cooked on a wood oven. It has good service, good atmosphere and a broad menu including seafood dishes.
  • Price level** 7 - 15 CUC

*Position on the map
** Price level refers to the cost of a dish.
% means: between street X and Y. (usuala in Cuba to describe an address).
    e.g.: Restaurant "Z" Calle Nº 150 between street X y street Y.

Map Havana Cuba: Restaurants in Old Havana (Habana Vieja)

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