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Cuba: B&B hostels, apartments and holiday houses

Private accommodation for tourist in Cuba was introduced in the 90s as a result of the economic crisis (the called periodo especial). Since then this kind of lodging has reached an important place within the range of holiday accommodation in Cuba

Best price offers, clean and well equipped apartments and hostels and responsible owners have made, that nowadays the traveler use the casas with all the confidence on their trip through Cuba.

The homemade meals, prepared by the landlords for their guests, are another reason for tourists to stay in a private Cuban house. The cook of the house will have in mind all you concerns and will arrange the perfect meal for you. Usually this way of eating is cheaper, then in restaurants or the so called paladares - the private restaurants on the island.

We offer casas particulares in all parts of Cuba: Havana, Trinidad, Varadero, Baracoa, Santiago de Cuba, Vinales, Isle of Youth, Matanzas, Holguin, Pinar de Rio, Cienfuegos, Santa Clara, Camaguey, Ciego de AvilaLas TunasPuerto Padre , Granma, Guantanamo.

Most of the travelers arrive in Havana. The Jose Marti airport is the most important gateway in Cuba (others are Holguin and Varadero). Here in Havana are located most of these private lodgings. Many people look for a home in the Vedado district. It's a popular and central located place between the most importants sights of the city, where you can find good value for money lodging.

Santigo de Cuba is the other hot spot of the Cuban island. Here you will find as well a large number of Bed & breakfast's. Here you have the highest temperatures of the country and air condition is a must.

If you go to Cuba, a visit to Trinidad is essential. In the old city center you can revive the old colonial times in one of the wonderful restored casas particulares.

Vinales in the Pinar del Rio province ist located in the famous beautiful valley, where you can enjoy the fantastic landscape, where grow the best tobacco plants worldwide. The lovely small country houses here have roof terraces with wonderful views and gardens and the offered meals include always fresh fruits and vegetables from the surroundings.

Enjoy some individual holidays and rent your private lodging from a Cuban. You help the people and have the oppportunity to dive deep into the real Cuba.

Find the best deals on for your holidays. Rooms, apartments and houses in Cuba - here you find all you need.
You can contact us easily and get your special offer for your needs and make your request.
Especially if you need an accommodation package for a round trip through the most important and beautiful places in Cuba, we can help you.

Experience the authentic Cuba!

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Most of the vacation rentals offered in Cuba are rooms for rent with attached private bathrooms. Air conditioning, fan, refrigerator and a 110 / 220 V socket are part of the usual standard.
The prices vary depending on location and facilities between 20.00 - 40.00 CUC for 2 persons in a double room.

The offer for an holiday apartment in Cuba is rising up, since the government allowed to rent this kind of property to foreign tourists.
Since then you can book entire apartments in all Cuba, but over all in Havana, where is the strongest demand. 

A holiday apartments offers a maximum of privacy and gives you the opportunity to prepare meals on your own. Anyway, on request many landlords also offer catering and cleaning service for the tenant.

It's possible to find apartment offers for long term rental. Overall in the capital city of Havana you will find already a pretty wide range of furnished flats for long term rental. Prices range from about 500.00 CUC to 1500.00 CUC per month.

Still it isn't so easy to find a holiday house in Cuba, but there are some. Houses with garden and pool belong to the most desired by tourists. 
Some are beachfront located and have sea views. A real paradise for some dream vacations in Cuba.
The offered houses are mostly located in Havana and suroundings, some of them on the beach and with pool. Shared with the family or friends you can reach a villa for an attractive price. 

Unfortunately an accommodation providing Internet in Cuba is still hard to find. Sometimes the owner will let you use his private (and very slow) Internet connection to check your mails. But even this is an exception.
In general there is no internet in the private homes, but in every Cuban city there is a branch of the telecommunication company ETECSA where you can access to the Internet via a public (and old) computer. The connection is ok for email checking and browse a bit through the web, if you are patient.
An alternative is internet on your mobile phone. 3G (or GPRS) is already quite common in Cuba and with your cell phone you can use the internet in the most comfortable way possible right now.
Inquire more informations about rates and conditions in one of the ETECSA stores! Prepaid card is recommended for cost control.

Cuba holidays will remain in your memory. Beaches, climate, people and cities and landscapes leave lasting impressions.
Between Havana and Santiago there is so much worth to see. For a 2 weeks trip through the Caribbean island the traveler has to choose, what to do and see: historical places, Caribbean beaches, nature parks, dive sites and all this accompanied by an intense tropical climate, Cuban music and open, warm and fun-loving people who are proud of their country.

There are Cuba trips for every budget. Everyone can decide wether to book a rental car or to travel by bus through Cuba.
Instead of a hotel you can book a cheap private casa particular. Besides this is the best way to get in touch with the authentic Cuba and the Cubans.
The angle of view is completely different than from one of the all inclusive hotels.

The culinary offer in Cuba includes meat (usually chicken or pork), fish and seafood and as well much fruit and fresh vegetables.
When eating out you can choose between the private restaurants called paladares and the normal government restaurants.

However the landlord of your casa also prepares meals for you. Here you can request also special prepared meals - ideal for vegetarians, vegans or other people with special needs.

Cuban nights are full of salsa, son, bachata and reggaeton music. Every small village has a discotheque open at the weekend, where Cubans dance and have fun.
Many parties take place on open air, but of course there is - especially in the big cities - a hot nightlife in clubs and bars with live music and shows.