Arrival to Las Tunas City - Cuba

Arrival to Las Tunas Cuba

How to get to Cuba Las Tunas

How to get to Las Tunas Cuba

Most people arrive by bus to Las Tunas, but you can also rent a car and go on your own. There also an airport, but flights go not too often.

Private taxis from Havana are very expensive but possible, if you are on a hurry.

Cuba private accommodation

The most popular kind of accommodation in Las Tunas is a private casa particular.

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Arrival to Las Tunas by bus, airplane, train or rental car

Arrival to Las Tunas by bus

Las Tunas is well-connected to the Cuban bus system. The following routes include a stop over in Las Tunas:

  • Havana - Santiago de Cuba
  • Havana - Holguin
  • Varadero - Santiago de Cuba

There are to bus companies - Viazul & Astro - bus as a tourist you only have access to Viazul.

Arrival to Las Tunas by rental car

Renting a car is pretty expensive in Cuba, but you are much more independent in your vacations. Car rental in Las Tunas you find near the bus stop.

Arrival to Las Tunas by airplane

The Cuban airline "Cubana de Aviación" makes 2 flights per week from Havana to Las Tunas. The flight costs around 100 CUC.

The airport in Las Tunas Hermanos Ameijeiras (VTU) is located 25 km out of the city.

Arrival to Las Tunas by train

There is train from Havana to Santiago de Cuba that stops in Las Tunas. The train station is located in the northern part of Las Tunas.

The train in Cuba is an adventure. Many times there are technical problems and delays.