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Old Havana with its main street (Calle Obisbo), the promenade and Moorish fort ("El Moro"), the party zone in Vedado, the beach district ("Playa" & "Miramar") and their elegant towns, the Chinese District, and the "Playas del Este" are just some of the outstanding attractions of this magical place. A visit to Havana is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience and essential for any visitor to Cuba.

Havana Districts

Sights and tourism in Miramar and Playa district in Havana Cuba

Miramar Havana

West of Vedado, across the river Almendares, you’ll find the luxurious district of Playa & Miramar. Located inside the "Playa" municipality, is this the best residential area of Havana. With wide streets and grand…

Beach Havana Playas del Este

Playas del Este

Playas de Este (Havana’s tropical beaches) start 18 kms to the east of the capital city. This stunning stretch of coastline begins at Bacuranao, and then continues through Tarará, El Mégano, Santa María del Mar and Boca…

Vedado Havana sights

Vedado Havana

The Vedado district in Havana is located west of Centro Habana and Habana Vieja. Most of the offices, agencies, banks, major hotels and night clubs are located here. Vedado is the economic…

Sights in Centro Habana - district in Havana Cuba

Centro Habana

For tourists it’s difficult to distinguish exactly where Habana Vieja ends and where begins the Centro Habana begins. Centro Habana municipality is the smallest and most populated district of Havana. It’s surrounded by…

Sights in Old Havana Cuba

Old Havana

Old-Havana (Habana Vieja) district is the historic center of Havana. It is considered the richest colonial architecture in Latin America, and was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1982. The "old town" (ciudad…

Beaches in Cuba

Best beaches in Cuba - Playa Santa Lucia - Camaguey


Camaguey is renowned for its amazing beaches and justifiably so. Despite the historical and ...

Beaches in Cuba Sancti Spiritus - Playa Ancon Trinidad

Sancti Spiritus

The beaches in the province of Sancti Spiritus you find in the South near Trinidad.  Here as ...

Best beaches in Cuba - Playa Rancho Luna in Cienfuegos


The beaches of Cienfuegos are located in the south and southeast of the city. Although the ...

Beaches in Cuba Ciego de Avila - "Playa Pilar" Cayo Guillermo

Ciego de Avila

The islands in the north of the Ciego de Avila province, with all the extensive postcard ...

Best beaches in Cuba - Guantanamo - Eastern Cuba

Guantanamo Cuba

The best beaches of the Guantanamo province are located on the east coast. But also in the ...

Cuba beaches - Isle of Youth

Isle of Youth

There’s plenty to choose from here, including: Playa Bibijagua, Playa El Frances, Playa Larga, ...

Las Tunas Cuba - the best beaches

Las Tunas

Las Tunas province is home to what many believe are the most beautiful beaches in all of Eastern ...

Cities in Cuba

Cuba Cienfuegos


Cienfuegos, also known as the “Pearl of the south” is perhaps one of the most chilled out, and at the same time, alluring parts of Cuba. It’s also cleaner and more spacious than most other Cuban capitals. The city was ...

Cuba Trinidad - old city impressions and best sights


Trinidad, founded in 1514 by Diego Velázquez, was the third Spanish town in Cuba. After the gold ran out in the region and Cortes had left to go and conquer Mexico, Trinidad slowly changed into a town whose wealth became ...

Hotels in Vinales


Viñales is a small and peaceful town located in the north-central part of Pinar del Río province, about 26 kilometers north of Pinar del Río city. It dates back to 1878 and was once home to a large population of runaway ...

Baracoa Cuba Sights - view towards El Yunque


Once Baracoa was one of the best duarded secrets of Cuba. Today it's a "must see" for tourists on their vacations in Cuba. Although the arrival to this remote area of Cuba is relatively strenuous (unless you arriv by ...

Alameda square in Santiago de Cuba - sight seeing

Santiago de Cuba

Santiago De Cuba is a captivating and lively city, drenched in culture and set in a bay surrounded by the spectacular Sierra Maestra Mountains. It’s the second largest city in Cuba and the most important (after Havana). ...

Museum Ignacio Agramonte - sights in Camaguey Cuba


Camaguey is the capital city of the Camaguey province. It has more then 300,000 inhabitants and the old town, founded in 1514 by the colonizer Diego Velázquez, is one the largest and oldest in Cuba and the Caribbean. The ...

Las Tunas city center - Fotos and sights

Las Tunas

Las Tunas - or "Victoria de Las Tunas" - is the capital of the province Las Tunas in Eastern Cuba. As well it is referred to as the "Balcony of the East", since here the eastern part of Cuba officially has its ...

Beaches Puerto Padre Cuba

Puerto Padre

Puerto Padre, located in the north of the Las Tunas province is one of the most beautiful villages on the Atlantic coast of Cuba. Mass tourism has no role here and so, that the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. Near ...

Sights in Gibara Cuba - Camilo Cienfuegos Monument


Gibara, also known as the "Villa Blanca" (White Village - thanks to its numerous colonial facades painted in white), is a small town located in the north of the Holguin province - Eastern Cuba - on the shores of the ...

Sights in Manzanillo Cuba - church


Manzanillo - la ciudad portera en las orillas del Golfo de Guacanayabo es después de Bayamo la población más grande de la provincia de Granma. Manzanillo impresiona por su arquitectura exótica, cuyo edificio más ...