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Find here our business terms and condition

Indisla provides a service to holiday guests / tourists (customers / Tenants) and owners of vacation rentals (hereinafter called the landlord).
Indisla provides this service to the property owner under the following conditions:
Indisla will always endeavor to keep all website information explicitly up to date to ensure its accuracy and provide the best possible service for both the customer and the landlord.
Indisla expressly grant no guarantees or representations with respect to the contents, accuracy, completeness or timeliness of the information and the suitability and quality of mediation services.
In order to rule out any possible inconsistencies or errors in advance, please find below the terms and conditions that are (as always in such cases) formal, yet legal binding.
You will find a separate leaflet for Cuba travelers on our website in the footer. There they can find some really useful hints and facts that will provide for a smooth and peaceful journey through our beloved Cuba.
You agree with these Terms and Conditions. Deviations are effective only in writing and with the consent of the landlord and Indisla company.



Our booking conditions are the legal basis for the service that Indisla provides. The Booking terms and conditions are agreed to by sending the booking confirmation.
Indisla is not a travel agent. It is an intermediary for holiday rentals. Indisla intermediates the landlord's offer on behalf of the landlord. A rental contract for the property exists exclusively between the customer and the landlord.
Indisla is not responsible for the services provided by the landlord or any possible contractual shortcomings. Regarding the tenant, Indisla is only legally responsible in its role as an intermediary.

Contract or reservation / booking


Indisla offers accommodation on behalf of the landlord to all interested parties through its website. Through a booking request, the tenant / customer offers the owner (who’s represented by Indisla comp.) a binding contract.
This request need not be in writing. The contract is a confirmation notice, which is received by the tenant from Indisla company. This does not need to be expressly made ​​in writing. From the booking confirmation the scope and content of the contractual services between landlord and tenant is clear.
The information in the booking confirmation about the services provided are based solely on the information which the landlord has sent to Indisla company. The booking confirmation is sent to the tenant upon receipt of the agreed down payment to a specifed Indisla account. Without receipt of this deposit, there is no confirmed lease.
The tenant’s booking confirmation contains detailed information on the methods of arrival, and key handover details. Please inform us on the booking confirmation / Access form (as clearly a possible) the circumstances and timing of your arrival and departure and if necessary, any different circumstances, which are, of course, also charged separately.

3.Rebooking / cancellation

3.1. Travel cancellation

A cancellation of the contract is possible at any time but will incur the following costs:

  • More than 60 days prior to move: a cancellation fee of €30
  • 60-45 days prior to collection: 25% cancellation fee
  • 44-30 days prior to collection: 50%
  • 29-0 days prior to collection 100%


In order to be binding, the withdrawal must be sent in writing to the landlord and Indisla comp., as the intermediary. The calculation of cancellation charges is done after receipt of the notice of cancellation by Indisla / the landlord.

3.2. Transfer

A change is possible at any time. A withdrawal transaction can be arranged with respect to the object already booked.

4.Prices and payment

4.1. Pricing and Payments

The prices given in the Indisla directory are final and include all existing German legal taxes and charges, unless stated otherwise. The price paid to Indisla as a contractual basis for mediation fee is always included in the price listed in the directory.
Prices in the directory refer explicitly to the net costs stated in the booking confirmation service (Overnight Package including electricity, water). They may be incurred locally with further costs, which then have to be agreed with the landlord.
Indisla (despite careful research) accepts no liability for the prices listed in the directory. Prices reffered to in the booking confirmation are binding for both sides. The payment of those stated on the booking confirmation price (minus the mediation fee) is always directly to the landlord. An increase in price during the booking period is excluded, unless there are changes in legislature regarding fees and/or taxes, within that period.

4.2. Mediation fee

The stated rent includes a placement fee, which is payable directly to Indisla company. This payment is based on the contract. The mediation fee is, in most cases, about 20% of the rental price. Indisla receives this amount as payment from the landlord for the range of services provided to him/her by Indicuba.com.

5. General observations / important note


In addition to these formal terms, you can find terms on our website in the footer in a leaflet entitled "Visiting Cuba in general".
All mentioned cautions and notes mentioned therein, are based on many years of travel experience throughout Cuba and should be read carefully.
Cuba is in many ways very special and unique and can often very “bizarre” experiences for the most experienced traveler.


All information contained on the pages of Indicuba.com, to the best of my knowledge and belief is true. Changes and adjustments can be made.
Here, neither the owner or the agent will be held responsible or liable. Reserved apartments may change due to new acquisitions or restructuring.
The apartments may be occupied only by the persons specified in the lease. Other people are only possible after consultation and with written confirmation.
Pets may be included by prior arrangement only and this will incur a surcharge. For damages that have been caused by the pet, you will receive an invoice for your liability insurance.
It is strongly advised that you take out travel insurance.
The tenancy begins on arrival at the earliest at 15.00 o’clock and ends on the day of departure at the latest at 11.00 o’clock, unless otherwise stated.
The tenant has to treat the property with care. He/she is responsible for everything concerning the property, and must ensure that proper waste disposal is in accordance with the existing circumstances. The tenant is obliged to report and pay all damages incurred in the period in which he/she is given the property immediately to the landlord.
On departure, the property has to pass as "broom clean". All crockery must be cleaned and all cabinets cleared before departure. Dishes left or heavily soiled dishes are not part of the final cleaning. Trash must be emptied into the provided trash areas. Undeclared damages found during the final cleaning will be charged. Additional cleaning tasks that go beyond the usual cleaning fee will be charged for by the owner or by Indisla at the applicable hourly rate.
Parents are responsible for their children.
On request, a weekly extra cleaning of the property is possible. Objects left will be sent on request "not free" to the home address.
For parked vehicles (of all kinds) in parking spaces or garages any theft or damage will not be held liable for.

Final destination:

All contents listed here under the Terms are binding on both sides. Changes or additions must be in writing. Legal status in the event of a dispute, the residence of the tenant, the landlord and the Indisla Berlin Mitte.


The use of information about a landlord, or other business contents is permitted to a customer only in the context of a booking.
Manual or technical monitoring of this website for any private or commercial purposes is expressly prohibited.
All infringements to copyrights mentioned herein will result in prosecution and punishment. Those responsible will be held liable for damages.
Indisla expressly preserve all rights and claims of third parties in any media on his website. All rights to this site and its representations concern Indisla company.
Any use of material from this site by third parties is only allowed under explicit authorization from Indisla and must be in writing. This is especially true for all photos and text on this website.