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Santiago de Cuba
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Santiago de Cuba
Santiago de Cuba province - geographic location in Cuba
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Santiago de Cuba
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  • Hanging out in the bustling capital city Santiago de Cuba
  • The international Trova Festival - Cuba’s longest -running music festival (March)
  • Santiago Carnival (July)
  • Trekking the trails in the stunning Sierra Maestra (all year round!)
  • Hitting the beaches (everyday!)
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  • Bacardi museum - Santiago de Cuba
    The "Museo Bacardi" in Santiago de Cuba
  • "Balcon de Velazquez" in Santiago de Cuba
    Great views form the "Balcony of Velazquez"
  • Vintage car in the front of the "Hotel Casa Granda"
    Santiago de Cuba has some great hotels in the city center
  • "Castillo de San Pedro de la Roca"
    The castle by the entrance to the bay of Santiago de Cuba
  • Church in El Cobre
    The most important Sanctuary in Cuba is "El Cobre"
  • "El Cobre" Cuba Santiago de Cuba
    Thousands of pilgrims come every year to the "El Cobre" church
  • Cespedes Square in Santiago de Cuba
    Many beautiful old buildings in the center of Santiago de Cuba
  • "Monacada" barracks in Santiago de Cuba
    Here began the fight against Batista - "Moncada" barracks
  • Spanish canon - Castle in Santiago de Cuba
    Santiago de Cuba was the first capital city of Cuba
  • Plaza Marte in Santiago de Cuba city
    "Plaza Marte"with the Independence Monument
  • "Parque Cespedes" with cathedral
    The Cathedral by the Cespedes park in Santiago de Cuba downtown
  • Plaza de la Revolucion in Cuba Santiago
    Each city in Cuba has a "Plaza de la Revolucion"
  • Sunset seen from the castle of Santiago de Cuba
    Great landscape around Santiago de Cuba
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Santiago de Cuba is an exotic blend of white sandy beaches and formidable mountain peaks. It’s steeped in both history and culture and plays host one of Cuba’s most famous carnivals. The local "Santiagueros" are a lively bunch (never a dull moment) and reason enough to spend time in this old and charming part of Cuba.

<h2>Santiago de Cuba Capital</h2>

Santiago de Cuba - city in Cuba

After Havana, Santiago de Cuba is the country’s most important city in terms of literature, music and politics. It’s also the second largest city on the island. This is the birthplace of the Cuban revolution and the many museums around the city constantly remind you of it. The streets can be very noisy, polluted and packed with hustlers but it’s also one of the most exciting, lively and fun cities in Cuba. Some members of the Buena Vista Social Club were born in the city and surrounding villages.

Sights in Santiago de Cuba

Sierra Maestra mountains

Trekking in Cuba - Sierra Maestra

The Sierra Maestra mountain Range lies in the provinces of Santiago and Granma. They’re the biggest mountains in the country, home to Pico Turquino - Cuba’s highest peak.

This area is regarded by many as the most majestic natural setting in all of Cuba.
Some of the most stunning natural parks in the country can be found here including: Pico Turquino, Marea del Portillo, Santo Domingo-La Sierrita and Desembarco del Granma.
It’s a nature lover’s paradise and a very important ecotourism destination for Cuba.

Santiago de Cuba Carnival

This in undoubtedly one of Cuba’s finest festivals - a joyous celebration for both tourists and locals alike, where the city literally never sleeps! People gather in the streets and party all night long and sometimes well into the early hours of the next day. You can’t walk two meters without bumping into drinks stands or some band playing. It’s mayhem!

The high point is the extravagant performance at the Cuartel Moncada. Trocha Avenue is where most of the action occurs. The carnival takes place in July every year - it’s an event not to be missed!

Beaches in Santiago de Cuba

Santiago has many kinds of beaches to choose from, including: Bacajagua, Bucanero, Caleton Blanco, Playa Daiquiri, Playa Sevilla and Playa Siboney.

Beach "Playa Siboney"

This lovely little beach is 19 kilometers from the city center and is very popular with the locals. It’s incredibly clean with crystal clear waters and surrounded by coconut trees. It’s a good choice if you want to relax and experience some genuine Cuban beach culture.

Beach "Playa Bucanero"

Bucanero Beach on the other hand, is a magnificent stretch of golden sand backed up by huge limestone cliffs. The warm waters here stay at around 30 degrees Celsius all year round. The beach is owned by Hotel Bucanero. It’s part of the Bacanoa Natural Park and has superb view out to the Sierra Maestra mountain range

Along with sugar, coffee and commercial fishing, tourism is playing an increasingly important role in the economy here. The amount of hotels and casas particulares in Santiago de Cuba is increasing all the time - and so are the standards. Whether you’re into history, music, landscapes, beaches or just endless sunny days, Santiago Province is bound to captivate you.

Sights and Beaches
Cuba Santiago de Cuba sights
Cuba Santiago de Cuba beaches
  • Playa El Francés
  • Playa Aserradero
  • Playa de Caletón Blanco
  • Playa Bueycabón
  • Playa de Mar Verde
  • Playa La Estrella
  • Playa Aguadores
  • Playa del Resort Bucanero
  • Playa Damajayabo
  • Playa Daiquiri
  • Playa Bacajagua
  • Playa de la Hacienda El Indio
  • Playa de Berraco
  • Playa Larga
  • Playa Colorada
  • Playa Cazonal
  • Playa Caletoncito
  • Playa Cardenero
  • Playas del Este
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Private accommodation ("casas particulares")
  • Santiago de Cuba
  • Chivirico
  • Siboney
  • Contramaestre
Cuba Santiago de Cuba hotels
"Hotel Rex", "Hotel Versalles", "Hotel San Basilio", "Gran Hotel Escuela", "Islazul Hotel Libertad", "Islazul Hotel San Juan", "Villa Santiago de Cuba", "Isazul Hotel Las Americas", "Hotel Melia Santiago de Cuba", "Hotel Gran Caribe Casagranda"
"Hotel Islazul Costa Morena", "Hotel Club Amigo Carisol Los Corales"
"Campismo Caleton Blanco"
"Hotel Brisas Los Galeones","Hotel Brisas Sierra Mar"
"Islazul Costa Morena", "Hotel Horizontes Villa El Salton"
Airport in Santiago de Cuba
  • Santiago de Cuba (SCU)
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Bus stop "Viazul"
Bus in  Santiago de Cuba - "ASTRO" company
Bus stop "ASTRO"
  • Santiago de Cuba
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Train station
  • Santiago de Cuba
  • San Luis
  • Julio A. Mella
  • Palma Soriano
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Car rental
  • Santiago de Cuba: Aeropuerto, Hotel Meliá, Hotel Casa Grande, Hotel Las Américas
  • Guama: Hotel Brisas Sierra Mar
  • Baconao: Club Amigo Carisol Corales
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  • Parque Céspedes
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  • Plaza de Marte
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