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Guantanamo province - geographic location in Cuba
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  • Visit in the beautiful & remote Baracoa
  • Swim at Playa Maguana - a picture paradise beach
  • Hiking the Mountain El Yunque (575 m) and enjoy fantastic views
  • From a distance, watch the US naval base Guantanamo Bay
  • Learn about the history of the natives in the Archaeological Museum La Cueva del Paraíso
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  • Beach Guantanamo Cuba
    Nice beach in Guantanamo province
  • Spanish fortress in Baracoa Guantanamo
    Old Spanish fortress in Baracoa
  • Guantanamo city
    City of Guantanamo
  • Beach in Guantanamo
    Wild beach - south coast of Guantanamo
  • Guantanamo city - architecture
    Building in Guantanamo city
  • Bay of Baracoa with views to "El Yunque" mountain
    Old ship in the bay of Baracoa - in the back the "Yunque" mountain
  • National park in Guantanamo "Alejando de Humboldt"
    In the National Park "Alejandro de Humboldt"
  • Road to Baracoa
    On the "La Farola" road to Guantanamo
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Guantanamo is the easternmost province of Cuba. Despite or because of its remoteness, this area is absolutely worth a visit.
Discover the first traces of the Spaniards in Cuba and experience one of the most untouched landscapes.

Here lies Baracoa, which at more than 500 years is the oldest city of the Caribbean island. Its interesting history and the numerous worthwhile destinations and beautiful beaches in the area have made the place a top tourist destination.

In the north of the Guantanamo province is located the National Park Alejandro de Humboldt, which is one of the most beautiful  parks in Cuba.
The impressive landscape and its variety of wildlife is unique in the Caribbean.

On the south coast you have the notorious US Naval Base Guantanamo Bay, which can be observed, but of course not be visited.

Punta de Maisí is the easternmost point of Cuba. The area impresses with its wildness and inaccessibility.

Guantanamo, the provincial capital city, has a lot of music to offer and the clubs and discotheques here are well worth a sleepless night.

Guantanamo Capital city

Guantanamo City - Central park

Guantanamo, the provincial capital, was founded relatively late, in 1796, by French immigrants fleeing the slave revolts in Haiti.
Above all, the trade in sugar, coffee and cotton helped the place to wealth and even today, some pompous buildings testify to the splendor of this time.

The historic buildings of importance are located in the old city center of Guantanamo.
The eclectic-style Palacio Salcines is the most magnificent historic building. Nowadays houses a small museum with a sculpture of the city's symbol - the La Fama.
The Parque de Santa Catalina de Riccis is the largest church in the city and can be found right next to the city park - the Parque José Martí, in the middle of which stands a statue of General Pedro Pérez, who led the city in the War of Independence against the Spaniards.

Guantanamo is one of the largest cities in Cuba, so you can expect a lively nightlife. Here is the cradle of the Changüi music, which is a mix of black drums and Spanish guitars resembling the Son, and only can be found here. The best place to experience this music is the Casa de Changüi.
Also, at Casa de la Trova and the Tumba Francesa Pompadour you can hear traditional music.
In addition, there are numerous clubs, discos and street parties that will let the night go by.

Sights in Guantánamo


Travel destinations in Cuba Guantanamo

The picturesque village of Baracoa, on the northeast coast of Guantanamo, is the touristic gem of the province. Isolated for centuries and only accessible by sea until the 20th century, Baracoa has retained a special charm to this day.

Founded in 1511, Cuba's oldest city has several ancient Spanish fortresses and many other historical sites.
Don't forget to visit the archaeological museum La Cueva del Paraíso in Baracoa. There are exposed interesting artifacts of the indigenous inhabitants.

Set in a picturesque landscape with numerous beaches and tourist attractions, Baracoa is today probably the best known "secret" for tourists in Cuba.

Nature lovers can expect numerous worthwhile excursions in the area.
The ascent to the El Yunque mountain, a trip to the Majayara Natural Park or a day at Playa Duaba Beach are just a few examples of how to enjoy your stay.

For the long journey to Baracoa one is compensated with unforgettable impressions of one of the most beautiful travel destinations in Cuba.

For more information, check out our Baracoa page!

National Park "Alejandro de Humboldt"

National park "Alejandro de Humboldt" Guantanamo Cuba

The Alejandro de Humboldt National Park is located in the north of the Guantanamo province.
This unique natural area was explored by Alexander von Humboldt at the beginning of the 19th century and in 2001 declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The plant species are predominantly endemic and the diversity of the animal world is unique. Birdwatchers can hope to observe some rare species.

Various routes lead the visitor through the inland primary forest and by boat also along the mangrove-covered coastline.

Excursions can be organized from Baracoa or in the visitor center, which is halfway to Moa.

"El Yunque" mountain

"El Yunque" - mountain in Cuba Guantanamo

The characteristic mountain El Yunque with its 575 m height is the most scenic point in the surroundings of Baracoa.

Those who make it to the plateau, will be rewarded with overwhelming views and can explore the great nature up here.

The tour can be organized with the Ecotur agency in Baracoa (price: ~ 20 CUC).

Guantanamo Bay

The Guantanamo Bay US Naval Base (also called Gitmo), with its notorious military jail, is located on the southern coast of the province and occupies about half of the bay.

Its history dates back to 1903, when the Americans occupied the territory after the Spanish-American War.
Naturally, Cuba sees no legality in this anymore and the place is still the reason for disputes between the two countries.

The best place to have a look on the anachronistic place, you should move to the Cuban town of Caimanera.
Here, about 25 km south of the provincial capital city of Guantanamo you can enjoy good views of the Guantanamo Bay from the Hotel Caimanera.

The other, long-time popular, viewpoint is called Mirador de Malones, but is currently not open to the public.

Beaches in Guantanamo

Best beaches in Cuba - Guantanamo - Eastern Cuba

The best beaches of the Guantanamo province are located on the east coast.
But also in the south one can find some wild-romantic beaches, that are not yet developed for tourism.

With a bit of adventurous spirit, you will find one of the small idyllic bays, and have the whole place for yourself.

Also on the easternmost point of Cuba, the Punta de Maisí there is a small, nice beach near the old lighthouse.

The most visited and certainly the best beaches are in and around Baracoa.

Beach "Playa Maguana"

Head northwest of Baracoa (about 20 kilometers) and you’ll come to one of the best beaches in the area - Playa Maguana.
It’s a white sandy beach with crystal clear warm blue waters and a coral reef just a short way out from the coastline.
The beach is popular with locals and has a few restaurants. Especially in the summer months, Playa Maguana is filled with people.

A (sun) bath on Playa Maguana can be combined with a visit to the nearby Humboldt National Park. The visitor center is just a few minutes driving to the north.

The province of Guantanamo is characterized by a wild and often untouched landscape. The Humboldt National Park in the north is the highlight for nature lovers.
The old town of Baracoa attracts tourists with its picturesque ambience, and in the south, Guantanamo Bay provides a thrill.

Sights and Beaches
Cuba Guantánamo sights
  • Baracoa
  • National Park "Alejandro de Humboldt"
  • Mountain "El Yunque" (575 m)
  • Sculpture zoological gardens "Zoológico de Piedras"
  • US Naval Base Guantanamo Bay
  • Boat trip on the "Boca de Yumuri"
  • Archaeological Museum "La Cueva del Paraíso" in Baracoa
Cuba Guantánamo beaches
  • North-east coast
  • Playa de Nibujón
  • Playa Pinca
  • Playa Maguana
  • Baracoa
  • Playa Cajuajo
  • Playa Barigua
  • Playa Blanca
  • Playa de Miel
  • Playa de Toa
  • East coast
  • Punta de Maisí
  • South coast
  • Playitas de Cajobabo
  • Playa Tortugilla
  • Playa Imias
  • Playa Yacabo
  • Playa Conchera
  • Playa Uvero
  • Playa El Morillo
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"Hotel Islazul Caimanera"
Airports in Guantanamo Cuba - Baracoa & Guantanamo City
  • Guantánamo (NAS), Baracoa (BCA)
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