Nightlife in Habana Vieja

Bars and Clubs in Habana Vieja

Nightlife guide Havana - Old Havana

Nightlife Old Havana Cuba

There is nothing better than spending the evening enjoying the authentic mojito and traditional Cuban music. The nightlife in the heart of Havana can be very lively and there is always something for all tastes. In almost each corner you find a bar and have a great time. Just go out and get involved in the legendary atmosphere of Old Havana.

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Bars & Clubs in Old Havana

Map and Description

"Bodeguita del Medio"


"Ambos Mundos"

Bar "Monserrate"

Bar "Café Paris"

"Lluvia de Oro"

Bar "La Dichosa"

Piano Bar "El Maragato"

"Simon's Café Club"
  • "Bodeguita del Medio"

    Empedrado between Cuba & San Ignacio

    The most famous bar and restaurant of Cuba. Operating since 1942 the Bodeguita del Medio has become a mandatory site to visit for tourists. The decoration is very original and the mojitos are amazing. On the walls you can read the quotes and signatures of many of its famous visitors such as Harry Belafonte, Salvador Allende, Pablo Neruda, Agustín Lara and Fidel Castro himself among others. Don't miss a visit to this landmark!

  • "Floridita"

    Corner: Obispo / Monserrate

    This bar-restaurant opened in 1817 and since then it hasn't stopped to sell cocktails to all the attracted people they pass by. It came to be recognized as one of the 7 most popular bars in the world. The "Cradle of Daiquiri", as it's also known, was the preferred place by Hemingway, his most popular client. Due to its popularity, the bar with this special ambient is almost always full of people. If you need a refreshing drink after the experience of the heat in the streets of Havana, the you have to come here and order a daiquiri. Cool, simple and delicious.

  • "Ambos Mundos"

    Corner: Obispo / Mercaderes

    This is the bar of the "Hotel Ambos Mundos". Located on the upper terrace it offers magnificent views towards the roofs of Habana Vieja and the Bay of Havana. The atmosphere here is mor relaxed then in other places. An ideal place to enjoy a Cuban cocktail.

  • Bar "Monserrate"

    Corner: Bermaza / Obrapia

    The Bar Monserrat is a very popular bar, frequented by tourists and Cubans with great atmosphere.It offers live music, reasonable prices and quality drinks. You can taste excellent mojitos and daiquiris, but the most famous cocktail is the "Monserrate", which is made with grapefruit juice. Try it, because its hot!

  • Bar "Café Paris"

    Corner: San Ignacio / Obispo

    Very popular. Great atmosphere and a lot of talented musicians. Live music, classic Cuban music.

  • "Lluvia de Oro"

    Corner: Obispo / Habana

    Great place. Always live music with a classical repertoire and a lot of people. Offering dishes.

  • Bar "La Dichosa"

    "Obispo" Ecke "Compostela"

    Live band playing a lot of Beny Moré songs. Good atmosphere and ventilation.

  • Piano Bar "El Maragato"

    Corner: Obispo / Cuba "Hotel Florida"

    Piano Bar located in the "Hotel Florida". The name is an homage to a famous bartender who promoted the culture of cocktails in Cuba. Here you can breathe still the air full of elegance of the first half of the 20th century.

  • "Simon's Café Club"

    Ignacio Agramonte nº 267 "Hotel Plaza"

    Renovated a few years ago, this popular coffee bar invites you with an great offer of good comedians and singers. Calm and friendly.