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Pinar del Río
Capital City
Pinar del Rio
Pinar del Rio province - geographic location in Cuba
Province Pinar del Rio in Cuba - coat of arms
180 km
Santiago de Cuba
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  • Trekking in the spectacular Vinales valley
  • Discover the scenic village of Las Terrazas!
  • Diving in María la Gorda
  • Visiting Cayo Levisa
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  • Farmer in Pinar del Rio
    Friendly locals are a big part of the attraction of Cuba
  • Rural scene with farmers and ox's
    Pinar del Rio Cuba - rural life
  • Vinales Cuba panoramic views
    Owerwhelming views in the Valley of Vinales
  • Beach Cayo Jutias - Cuba Pinar del Rio
    Cayo Jutia
  • Beaches Cuba -  Maria La Gorda
    Beach Maria La Gorda
  • La Bajada in Pinar del Rio Cuba
    Beach in La Bajada - good for snorkeling
  • Seafood in Cuba Pinar del Rio
    Crab on the beach
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Known as the "Garden of Cuba", Pinar del Rio is renowned for its near perfect natural beauty. This is where they produce the best tobacco in the world.

The Cordillera de Guaniguanico mountain range has massive limestone hills with long flat valleys below. Viñales valley has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The northern coastline is home to a chain of small islands known as the Colorados, located on an idyllic barrier reef. At the most westerly point of Cuba, you’ll find Cabo San Antonio, on the Guanahacabibes Peninsula. This is now a National Park and a Biosphere Reserve.

Pinar del Rio city

Pinar del Rio - city in Cuba

Pinar del Rio town is bustling - jam packed with bicycles and horse carriages, going in every direction. It does have some very interesting neoclassical architecture but the best of Pinar de Rio province lies beyond the city…

Sights in Pinar del Río


Tourism and sights in Cuba Pinar del Rio

The town itself a just typical agricultural settlement but the nearby valleys offer some excellent rock climbing opportunities. Book a casa particular in Viñales and enjoy this unique landscape!

San Diego de los Baños

This magnificent natural setting is where you’ll find the Diego de los Baños Spa - an ideal place to revitalize your body and mind. The warm waters and mineral-medicinal mud are perfect for anti-stress treatments.

María la Gorda

Maria La Gorda - Cuba destinations - scuba diving

Maria la Gorda has over 40 top class dives sites with a variety of underwater landscapes including a huge colony of black coral.

The keys and beaches in Pinar del Río

Beaches in Cuba Pinar del Rio - Maria La Gorda

Beach "Playa María la Gorda"

"Fat Maria" beach, despite the odd name, is a haven of peace and serenity. This stunning beach offers eight kilometers of fine white sands and crystal clear warm waters. Beach Maria La Gorda is well known for excellent diving possibilities.

"Cayo Jutías"

The perfect getaway, Cayo Jutias is a paradise islet just off the mainland. There’s a stone causeway between the two. Although it’s just a stone throw away from the mainland, you’ll feel like you’re a million miles away.

Key "Cayo Levisa"

Located around 75 kilometers of the coast of Pinar del Rio, Cayo Levisa is one of the many uninhabited keys in the Los Colorados archipelago. This is a genuine Paradise Island with 2,500 meters of fine white sandy beaches surrounded by pristine blue waters. It’s an exceptional diving spot and home to the coral barrier of Los Colorados - one of the biggest in the world. Horizonte Cayo Levisa hotel offers quality accommodation here.

Pinar del Rio province is a land of vast contrasts. Whether you choose to stay in one of Pinar del Rio’s casa particulares or else a hotel or hostel, it probably won’t matter - you’re likely to spend most of the time outdoors in awe of this spectacular part of Cuba.

Sights and Beaches
Cuba Pinar del Río sights
  • The fantastic valley "Valle de Viñales"
  • The cave "Cueva de los Portales" (here lived the "Che" for a while)
  • Wellness in the "San Diego de los Baños" spa
Cuba Pinar del Río beaches
  • María La Gorda
  • Playa Luchana
  • Playa Real
  • Playa de Palma Rubia
  • Playa de Surines
  • Cayo Levisa
  • Playa Arroyo Barracos
  • Playa Alejo
  • Playa del Oceano
  • Playa Colorada
  • Playa Bailén
  • Playa Las Canas (La Coloma)
  • Playa Guanal
  • Playa de las Tunas
  • Playa Dayaniguas
Cuba Pinar del Río private accommodation
Private accommodation ("casas particulares")
  • Pinar del Rio
  • Viñales
Cuba Pinar del Río hotels
"Hotel La Ermita", "Hotel Los Jazmines", "Hotel Los Jazmines", "Hotel Rancho San Vicente", Bungalows "Campismo Villa Aguas Claras"
"Hotel Islazul Vueltabajo", "Hotel Islazul Pinar del Rio"
"Hotel Gaviota Villa Maria La Gorda" (direkt am Tauchspot),"Hotel Gaviota Villa Cabo San Antonio"
"Hotel Horizontes Villa Soroa"
"Hotel Islazul Mirador"
"Hotel Cubanacan Villa Cayo Levisa"
"Hotel Islazul Laguna Grande"
Aiport in Pinar del Rio Cuba
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Bus in Pinar del Rio Cuba - "VIAZUL" company
Bus stop "Viazul"
  • Pinar del Rio
  • Vinales
Bus in Pinar del Rio Cuba - "ASTRO" company
Bus stop "ASTRO"
  • Pinar del Rio, Viñales
Train in Cuba - Train stations in Pinar del Rio
Train station
  • Pinar del Rio
  • San Juan y Martinez
  • Los Palacios
  • San Luis
  • Isabel Rubio
  • Guane
Car rental in Cuba Pinar del Rio
Car rental
  • Pinar del Rio: Hotel Pinar del Río
  • Viñales
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Cuba Pinar del Río Internet
Internet - Public wifi
  • Pinar del Rio: Parque Independencia, Parque Roberto Amarán
  • Vinales: Parque José Martí
  • Consolación del Sur: Parque Antonio Maceo