Cuban cuisine

What to eat in Cuba holidays

What to eat in Cuba

Cuban-Creole cuisine is part of the kitchen criolla is a rich mix that brings together Spanish, African, Chinese, Indian and French influences. A lot of time and love is invested in the preparation of food and in good places one can enjoy delicious dishes and explore new flavors.

Pork and chicken are found in every menu of a Cuban restaurant. In the sites that offer food by currency (dollars) there is also beef.

Hardly missing the rice with beans (congrís). Apart we find exotic vegetables such as the vianda (yucca) and the green banana (in the form of tachino, chatino and chicharitas). Highly recommended is the tamal - a mass of corn flour wrapped in the leaf of the plant.

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Typical dishes of Cuba


Apart from this typical Cuban cuisine we find a great variety of seafood that - due to the proximity to the coast - are always fresh. King prawns, shrimp, octopus or fish are just some delights of the sea found in the tables of restaurants and private homes.

Cuban desserts

The dessert may consist of exotic fruits (mango, pumpkin fruit - papaya, sweet banana) or in sweets such as pudding or homemade custard.

Where to eat

You have the option of eating in a restaurant or in the private houses where you are staying. There are some good restaurants and usually these are paid in CUC currency.

The food prepared in a private home is usually very rich. In the morning, you let them know what you want to eat, and they look for it, and they prepare it just for you, what distinguishes home cooking from restaurants.

A restaurant has the advantage of having a larger variety (also of drink) and a professional staff.

There are also palates that are houses with a license to cook. It works more or less like in the private house, and they usually have 3 or 4 dishes that they offer.

It is advisable to try all the sites to know the differences.

The cheapest place is the restaurants in national currency. Here 2 or 3 courses are offered. It is about simple dishes and the service is basic.

Eating in the street

If you get hungry in the street you can opt for a Cuban pizza that is similar to an Italian Margarita Pizza but it has more dough than anything else so it will not please everyone.

At night, they usually get a roast pork in a corner of the park. This is prepared rich sandwiches with meat and skin, salt and sauce.

There are also some fast food restaurants (eg "El Rápido") where they serve a more sophisticated pizza than on the street and spaghetti.