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Las Tunas
Las Tunas
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Top Sights

  • The Old Town with its many buildings from the Spanish colonial era
  • Las Tunas - the City of Sculptures is full of art work
  • A visit to the beautiful El Cornito tourist complex
  • The Magic Festival Anfora in November.
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  • Las Tunas city center - Fotos and sights
    Café Las Copas
  • Tourist destinations Las Tunas - El Cornito
    El Cornito is a great day trip destination
  • Downtown Las Tunas - ETECSA shop
    The ETECSA shop - downtown Las Tunas
  • Pool at the El Cornito tourist center
    A day at the pool of the El Cornito
  • Hotel Cadillac Las Tunas
    The Hotel Cadillac in the center of Las Tunas
  • Pool Hotel Las Tunas
    Pool of the Hotel Las Tunas
  • Tourism Las Tunas - Destination Lago Azul - Las MInas
    Spend a great time by the Las Minas lake
  • Piano Bar in Las Tunas
    Piano Bar Las Tunas
  • Las Tunas - sculpture El Cornito
    Sculpture in the El Cornito center
  • Museum in Las Tunas - Martires de Barbados
    Museum for the martyr's of Barbados in Las Tunas
  • Nightclub Cabaret El Taino Las Tunas
    Nightclub Cabaret El Taino
  • Jose Marti monument in Las Tunas
    Monument for Jose Marti
  • Rodeo Stadium in Las Tunas
    The Rodeo Stadium
  • Las Antillas Fountain
    The Las Antillas Fountain
  • Tourism in Las Tunas
    A green city - Las Tunas
  • Historic sights in the center of Las Tunas Cuba
    The city center with historic sights
  • Vicente Garcia park in the center
    Meeting point Vicente Garcia Park
Tourism Las Tunas

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Las Tunas - or "Victoria de Las Tunas" - is the capital of the province Las Tunas in Eastern Cuba. As well, it is referred to as the "Balcony of the East", since here the eastern part of Cuba officially has its geographical beginning. With 150.000 inhabitants Las Tunas is the largest city in the province.

Las Tunas is compared to other Cuban cities, little touristy and therefore also offers a very relaxed family atmosphere, that is found rarely on the Caribbean island. With many trees and almost no industry Las Tunas is probably one of the greenest cities in Cuba. Although 150.000 people live here, you have rather the impression of being in a big village.
Eastern Cuban mentality is much more "tranquilo" and have a different charm than for instance the "Los Habaneros" from the Cuban capital. Stress is unknown and you will find very pleasant people here and will hear a more melodic spoken Spanish than in other parts of Cuba. Welcome to (Wilder) Eastern Cuba!
The old colonial buildings in the center of Las Tunas city have been restored in the last few years and give the center a charming special atmosphere.

Sights in Las Tunas

Tourism in Las Tunas Capital City

Old town of Las Tunas

Most of the sights are located in the historical center of Las Tunas. The provincial museum ("Museo provincial") displays an interesting collection of the different epochs of the city - from the precolonial time until the Cuban revolution.
In the museum for the victims of the terroristic attack on a Cuban plane ("Museo de los mártires de Barbados") is another impressive place to visit.
An art gallery and some places of local heroes invite to explore the interesting history of Las Tunas.

Las Tunas - city of sculptures

City of sculptures - Las Tunas Cuba

Its other nickname "City of sculptures" is absolutely fair to Las Tunas - the city is interspersed with sculptures and almost on every corner there is a small (or big) piece of art. The Las Tunas Art School has a good reputation nationwide.

Day-trips from Las Tunas

El Cornito - Tourist destination in Las Tunas

In the surroundings of Las Tunas you find some really beautiful and so far mostly unknown places, such as the "El Cornito" - a small resort in the middle of nature, the place, where the local Poet "El Cucalambé" lived and worked. Or the heavenly lake "Las Minas" where you can swim, and make party by day and by night.  There are some secret places in Las Tunas and if you know where to go, you will experience Cuba off the beaten track.
50 km in the north of Las Tunas is located the small town of Puerto Padre. From her you get easily to the  (mostly unspoiled) beaches of the Cuban Atlantic coast. With a rental car or a private taxi this is possible to do in a day.

Magic Las Tunas

Unique in Las Tunas is the Magician School - there exists only this one in Cuba. Here are trained Magicians for the hole country. In November of each year, here meet magicians from all Cuba for the traditional festival "Ánfora" for a nationwide competition. If you stay in this time in Las Tunas you shouldn't miss this really remarkable spectacle.

Provincial Museum of Las Tunas

Interesting exhibition about the different epochs of the Las Tunas province. You will see exhibits of the pre-Columbian "Taino" - people, weapons, photos and documents from the Mambices (warriors of the Cuban War of Independence) and from the Cuban Revolution.

Art galleries

There are two galleries in the center of Las Tunas. Opposit the Central Park is located a small gallery, also selling paintings for a reasonable price. Another gallery with paintings and sculptures we find the culture center, situated in the pedestrian street "C/ Francisco Vega". In the courtyard ("patio") you can enjoy traditional Cuban live music.

Plaza de la Revolución

Spacious square with a giant monument of local hero Vicente García (Cuban War of Independence), which includes a small exhibition with sculptures of important Generals of the Mambices.
Here take place all the big concerts (for example "Los Van Van") and over all on 1st of May there is big party.

Beaches in Las Tunas

Beaches near Las Tunas

In the north of Las Tunas, about 50 km away, is located the other highlight of the province - Puerto Padre with its beautiful and mostly unspoiled beaches. With a rental car or a taxi (even cheaper - ask the host of your lodging) all this you can explore during your stay in Las Tunas or stay a few days in Puerto Padre in a casa particular.
The most popular beaches in Las Tunas province are Playa La Boca, Playa La Llanita and Playa La Herradura. Explore about 40 km of this undiscovered Caribbean coastline.

"Playa La Boca" beach

The most popular beach between Cubans is located right at the entrance to the Bay of Puerto Padre. There is a ferry, that brings you to the opposite (western) shore.

There are private restaurants and a shop, where you can buy snacks and drinks.

"Playa La Llanita" beach

Endless beach starting where the La Boca beach ends. Out of the summer high season almost no people.

"Punta Tomate" beach

"Punta Coreilla" beach

"Playa La Herradura" beach

Restaurants und Paladares in Las Tunas

Restaurants in Las Tunas

The restaurants on Las Tunas are located in the center of the city near the Central Park "Parque Vicente García". Our choice is the restaurant "El Baturro" in the road "Carretera Central Vicente García". You find an original decoration and a good value for money.
The other way is to take the meal at home in your casa particular in Las Tunas. The advantage is, that you can tell the cook exactly what you want to eat and how you wish, that they prepare it.
As well there are some Paladares in Las Tunas, small restaurants managed by private persons, which usually offer better food than the public restaurants owned by the government.


Restaurant "El Baturro"

The restaurant with the best value for money. Nice atmosphere. Meat, rice, fried bananas, shrimp cocktail.

Restaurant "La Bodeguita"

Pleasant atmosphere and live music (traditional Cuban music). A bit more expensive.

Restaurant "2007"

Opened in 2007. Very well maintained, but a bit of sterile atmosphere.

Restaurant "1800"

Restaurant where you can pay Cuban Pesos.


Paladar "El Bacán"

Creole cuisine

Paladar "La Roca"

Cuban dishes.

Nachtleben: Bars & Clubs in Las Tunas

Bars and clubs in Las Tunas Cuba

Nightlife in Las Tunas has it all. Several night clubs & bars (some 24 hours) make nights short. Much more relaxed atmosphere than the typical tourist areas in Cuba.

Discotheque "La Bolera" (o "Luanda")
The biggest night club in Las Tunas City. Start at 9p.m. Who wants to have one of the tables, arranged around the dance floor, should be there in time (at least on weekends).
Cabaret "El Taino"
Fantastic dance shows & comedians. Starts early - so an ideal for preclubbing.

Anreise nach Las Tunas

Arrival to Las Tunas

Most people will get by bus (Viazul, Astro) to Las Tunas. There are several buses per day making stop here. Las Tunas city is located right by the central road of Cuba, so, that you can take all the busses, that connect Havana and Santiago de Cuba.
People with rental cars are much more independent on their trip through Cuba. If your trip starts in Havana you would get to Las Tunas from the Camagüey province, which is located in the west of Las Tunas province; the eastern neighbor is the Holguin province.
Train is another option, but normally it takes more time and is more stressful and less reliable.
As well, it's possible to get by airplane to Las Tunas from Havana. Two times per week there is a flight from Havana to Las Tunas.


Weather & climate in Las Tunas

Cuba is located near the tropic of cancer and provides one of the most pleasant climates worldwide. Las Tunas is part of Eastern Cuba, where the temperatures usually are higher than in western Cuba. The year is divided in two parts - the rainy season in summer from May until October and the dryer period from November until April.
Temperatures in winter time will vary between 20 °C / 68 ºF by night and 27ºC / 81 ºF by day. In rare cases, when there a cold snap bringing fresh air masses from the American continent, it can get colder. In summer, it's getting hotter and temperatures vary between 23ºC / 74 ºF by night and 33 °C / 91 ºF by day. Humidity is higher in summer (80%) and lower in the month from November until April (60%).
Water temperature doesn't change so much - from 24 °C / 75 ºF in winter time to 28 °C / 82 ºF in August.
Be aware of the solar radiation. The UV-index can be very high, so, don't forget the sun cream.

Cuba Las Tunas sights
  • Tourism in Las Tunas Capital City
  • Las Tunas - city of sculptures
  • Day-trips from Las Tunas
  • Magic Las Tunas
  • Provincial Museum of Las Tunas
  • Art galleries
  • Plaza de la Revolución
Cuba Las Tunas beaches
  • "Playa La Boca" beach
  • "Playa La Llanita" beach
  • "Punta Tomate" beach
  • "Punta Coreilla" beach
  • "Playa La Herradura" beach
Cuba Las Tunas hotels
  • "Hotel Las Tunas"
  • "Hotel Cadillac"
Public Transport
Cuba Las Tunas Airport
  • Airport "Hermanos Ameijeiras" (VTU)
  • Flights from/ to Havana 2 times / week
Cuba Las Tunas VIAZUL Bus Stop
  • Near thhe Central park in the Calle Francisco Varona street
Cuba Las Tunas Bus stations "ASTRO"
Bus stations "ASTRO"
  • The busses fro Cubans also start from the Viazul bus stop
Cuba Las Tunas Train stations
Train stations
  • In the northern part of Las Tunas - where the Calle Frank Pais ends
Cuba Las Tunas Car Rental
Car rental
  • Near the bus sop
Useful Informations
Cuba Las Tunas Tourist Office
Tourist Office
  • Tourist office "Infotur" by the Central Park Vicente Garcia
Cuba Las Tunas Money Exchange
Money Exchange
  • On the left side of the Hotel Cadillac opposite to the Central Park
Cuba Las Tunas Internet
  • wifi-zones of the state telephone company ETECSA:
  • - Plaza Martiana (right by the park in the center "Parque Vicente García")
  • - in the Buena Vista district by the "El Tanque" water tank
  • ETECSA sells prepaid cards "Tarjetas prepagadas" in their stores (1 h = 1 CUC)
Cuba Las Tunas Restaurants
  • Restaurant "El Baturro"
  • Restaurant "La Bodeguita"
  • Restaurant "2007"
  • Restaurant "1800"
Cuba Las Tunas Paladares
  • Paladar "El Bacán"
  • Paladar "La Roca"
Cuba Las Tunas Nightlife
Bars & Clubs
  • Discotheque "La Bolera" (o "Luanda")
  • Cabaret "El Taino"