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Capital City
Camaguey province - geographic location in Cuba
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  • Old town of Camaguey City
  • Playa Santa Lucía white sandy beach with a colorful corral reef
  • Cayo Sabinal with its stunning beaches
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  • Church in Camaguey Cuba
    Camaguey is the center of catholicism in Cuba
  • Chruch "Iglesia de Nuestra Senora de la Merced" Camaguey
    Chruch "Iglesia de Nuestra Senora de la Merced" right in the city center
  • Beach "Playa Santa Lucia" Camaguey
    The nice beach "Playa Santa Lucia" in the north of Camaguey
  • Colonial architecture in Camaguey
    Many nice old buildings in Camaguey city
  • Old city center Camaguey
    Camaguey has a nice historic center with lots of history
  • Panoramic view of Camaguey Cuba
    Panoramic view of Camaguey
  • Old man with cigar in Camaguey
    Old man smoking cigar in a park in Camaguey
  • Monument "Ignacio Agramonte" - city of Camaguey
    Monument for the local hero Ignacio Agramonte
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Camaguey province is home to Santa Lucia Playa - the longest beach in Cuba with its stunning reefs and idyllic shoreline, backed up by some of the finest beachside hotels in Cuba - Hotel Santa Lucia for example.

It’s also home to a capital city bursting with history and culture. Camaguey was part of the seven villages founded by the Spanish conquerors.

Head south of the city and you’ll come across a Cuban utopia for bird watchers and a natural reserve area with some colorful and exotic species.

Camaguey Capital City

Camaguey - tourist attractions in this historic city in Central Cuba

The third largest city in Cuba - Camaguey - consists of a labyrinth of narrow streets and small squares. It is the most medieval city on the island and stronghold of Catholicism in Cuba.
The visitor can expect time-honored churches and winding streets with lots of colonial architecture.

Top attractions in Camagüey

Some of the best things to see in Camagüey City include:

  • Teatro Principal
    This is one of the most impressive theatre's of the former colony and displays some stunning architecture- relics of a bygone society. It’s also the current seat of the Camaguey Ballet.
  • Plaza de San Dios - San Dios Square
    Both the church and the hospital, along with several nearby houses, are renowned for their high architectural value. The square was built around the 18th century.
  • Funda del Catre Callejón
    This is the narrowest street in Cuba.
  • The birthplace of Ignacio Agramonte
    Home to the major general of the war of independence, this house is one of the best in the old village of Puerto Principe.
  • The large water Pots - Tinajones
    These massive pots actually saved the city’s inhabitants from dying of thirst back in the day. They are now synonymous with Camaguey.

Beaches of Camagüey

Best beaches in Cuba - Playa Santa Lucia - Camaguey

Camaguey is renowned for its amazing beaches and justifiably so. Despite the historical and cultural attractions that the province capital city has to offer, most newcomers will instinctively head straight for the closest beach.
In Camaguey province, you have a choice of Playa Santa Lucia Beach or the group of surrounding keys.

Beach Playa Santa Lucía

Playa Santa Lucia offers 20 kilometers of sandy beaches, with crystal clear warm blue waters all year round.
It’s home to the second largest coral reef on earth. Here you’ll find over 50 species of coral, 200 species of sponges, and around 500 species of tropical fish. It’s a divers' paradise.
The reef stretches west for almost 400 kilometers. It’s parallel to Sabinal, Guajaba, Romano and Cruz Keys, and goes all the way up to Varadero.

Cayo Sabinal

The island of Cayo Sabinal, off the north coast of Camaguey, can be reached from Nuevitas via a road heaped up in the sea.

The long beaches and the reef here will delight the visitor. One of the oldest working lighthouses in Cuba and the old Spanish fortress Fuerte de San Hilario make discovery hearts beat Faster.

You can get also from Playa Santa Lucia beach to Cayo Sabinal, but then by boat and organized by one of the hotels there.

Do not forget mosquito repellent for the evenings!

Camaguey has it all - beaches, culture, quality accommodation, protected nature, history…

Explore the sights in Camaguey city, learn about history and know the amazing coastline in the north, full of dream beaches and idyllic Caribbean islands.

Sights and Beaches
Cuba Camagüey sights
  • Capital city of Camaguey
  • Cayo Sabinal
  • Sierra del Chorillo
  • Guaimaro
  • Brasil
Cuba Camagüey beaches
  • Santa Lucia
  • Playa Santa Lucía
  • Playa Los Cocos
  • Cayo Sabinal
  • Playa Bonita
  • Playa Los Pinos
  • Nuevitas
  • Playa Cuatro Vientos
  • Santa Cruz del Sur
  • Playa Bonita
  • Southwest Coast
  • Playa Santa María
Cuba Camagüey private accommodation
Private accommodation ("casas particulares")
  • Camagüey
  • Nuevitas
  • Florida
  • Vertientes
Cuba Camagüey hotels
"Gran Hotel", "Hotel Colón, "Hotel Isla de Cuba", "Hotel Plaza"
"Gran Club Santa Lucía", "Brisas Santa Lucía", "Hotel Tararaco", "Hotel Costa Blanca", "Cluba Amigo Mayanabo", "Club Amigo Caracol"
"Hotel Casona de Romano"
"Hotel Caonaba"
"Motel La Belén"
"Hotel Florida"
Airports in Camaguey CUba
  • Camaguey (CMW)
Bus stops in Camaguey Cuba - Viazul company
Bus stop "Viazul"
"Astro" bus stops in Camaguey Cuba
Bus stop "ASTRO"
  • Camaguey
  • Nuevitas
  • Santa Lucía
  • Sibanicú
Train stations in Camaguey Cuba
Train station
  • Camaguey
  • Nuevitas
  • Santa Cruz del Sur
  • Florida
Car rental in Camaguey Cuba
Car rental
  • Airport Camaguey
  • Hotel Camaguey
  • Gran Hotel
  • Playa Santa Lucía: Club Amigo Mayanabo, Club Amigo Caracol, Hotel Brisas Santa Lucía
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  • Camaguey City: Parque Agramonte, Plaza del Gallo, Plaza de los Trabajadores
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