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Las Tunas
Capital City
Las Tunas
Las Tunas province - geographic location in Cuba
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657 km
Santiago de Cuba
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  • Tourist free beaches (Where the Cubans go) near Puerto Padre
  • Relax and stay in a Casa Particular Puerto Padre or Las Tunas
  • Visit the festival of Cuban magic "Anfora" in November
  • Explore secret cool places (for example Las Minas or El Cornito) near Las Tunas
  • Playa Covarrubias - an unspoilt paradise
  • The people of Las Tunas
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  • Beach Las Tunas Covarrubias
    Covarrubias beach
  • Las Tunas beaches
    Very Cuban beach life - beach "La Boca"
  • Sights in Las Tunas province  Spanish fortress in Puerto Padre
    Old Spanish canon in the fortress of Puerto Padre
  • "Fuente Las Antillas" Las Tunas
    Nice fountain in Las Tunas city
  • "Lago Azul" - Las Minas - Sight in Las Tunas province
    Nice lake "Lago Azul" near Las Tunas
  • Park "Vicente Garcia" in Las Tunas
    The central park "Vicente Garcia" in the center of Las Tunas
  • Sculpture in Las Tunas
    Las Tunas is the city of sculptures - you find them everywhere
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Las Tunas is one of the most untouched parts of Cuba. It’s home to stunning isolated stretches of beach and excellent dive spots along with a peaceful capital city and very friendly locals. This is the real Cuba, away from the tourist resorts.

Las Tunas Capital City

Cuba Las Tunas - holidays in Cuba

The capital city of Las Tunas was founded back in 1752. During the second war of independence it was actually burned to the ground. Nowadays Las Tunas is the provincial capital with a population of over 140,000 people. Las Tunas has a very social charm, the local Cubans here are incredibly friendly and always welcome to visitors. If you stay in one of Las Tuna’s casas particulares, you’ll feel like you’re right at home with the family - and you will be!

Sights in Las Tunas

Puerto Padre

Las Tunas Cuba - travel destination Puerto Padre

Puerto Padre town is located in a bay on the northern coast of Las Tunas province. It’s known as the “city of mills” and dates back to the 16th century.  It has grown from a small rural town into an industrial center, where they produce large amounts of sugar cane - hence the number of mills.

The city is a quiet spot and close to some of the best beaches in the province. Lodging means casas particulares in Puerto Padre. Chill in this beautiful, relaxed place and explore the most beautiful, lonely beaches in Cuba.

Playas en la provincia de Las Tunas

Las Tunas Cuba - the best beaches

Las Tunas province is home to what many believe are the most beautiful beaches in all of Eastern Cuba. Think miles and miles of isolated stretches of sandy beaches, surrounded by pristine, clear warm waters. There’s literally no tourism here and the diving is amazing.

Covarrubias Beach

Covarrubias is located in the north of the province. It’s the best place to go diving in Las Tunas with warm clean waters and a beautiful coral reef that stretches for nearly three kilometers. There are 35 untouched virgin beaches in this area, all known for their stunning natural beauty but only one - Covarrubias - has been opened to international tourism.

Playa La Herradura beach

Playas La Herradura is a golden sandy beach with pristine waters and spectacular sunsets. There’s a number of establishments here that legally rent out private rooms.

Playa La Llanita beach

If you keep going west for about 10 kilometers you’ll come to Playa Llanita. The sand here is very soft and whiter than La Herradura. The water can get very choppy though.

Playa La Boca beach

About a kilometer up the road from Playa Llanita lies Playa La Boca  - One of the remotest beaches in Cuba and a genuine “Cuban’s beach”.
Sights and Beaches
Cuba Las Tunas sights
  • Las Tunas City and surroundings
  • Puerto Padre
  • Covarrubias
Cuba Las Tunas beaches
  • Playa Covarrubias
  • Playa La Boca
  • Playa La Herradura
  • Playa La Llanita
  • Playa Los Pinos (Manatí)
  • Playa Manglito (Manatí)
  • Playa Uvero
  • Playa Azul
  • Playa Santo Domingo (Delicias)
  • Playa Boca de Río (Delicias)
  • Playa Habanero
Cuba Las Tunas private accommodation
Private accommodation ("casas particulares")
  • Las Tunas
  • Puerto Padre
Cuba Las Tunas hotels
"Hotel Cadillac", "Hotel Islazul Las Tunas", "Cabañas El Cornito"
"Hotel Brisas Covarrubias"
"Cabañas Campismo Cerro de Caisimu"
Airport in Las Tunas Cuba
  • Las Tunas (VTU)
Bus in Las Tunas Cuba - "VIAZUL" company
Bus stop "Viazul"
Bus in Las Tunas Cuba - "ASTRO" company
Bus stop "ASTRO"
  • Las Tunas Capital
  • Puerto Padre
Train in Cuba - Train stations in Las Tunas
Train station
  • Las Tunas
  • Calixto
  • Vázquez
  • Puerto Carupano
  • Jesús Menéndez
  • Manatí
  • Jobabo
  • Colombia
  • Amancio
  • Guayabal
Car rental in Cuba Las Tunas
Car rental
  • Las Tunas: Hotel Las Tunas
  • Hotel Villa Covarrubias
  • Puerto Padre
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Cuba Las Tunas Internet
Internet - Public wifi
  • Las Tunas City: in the Central Park, Parque de las Antillas
  • Puerto Padre: along the main street