Las Tunas nightlife - bars and clubs

Las Tunas provides a great nightlife offer. The main night club "La Bolera" (or "Discoteca Luanda") is the most popular place, but if you are looking for more relaxed places, just have a look on our recommendations for partying in Las Tunas City.
When the clubs colse, people move to the bars where the party goes on. Rum is cheap and the music loud. So, check it out!

Clubs in Las Tunas

Here are listed the best night clubs in Las Tunas city. Normally you pay an entrance fee and can spend about 60% of the sum in drinks on the bar. On weekends it's recommendable to be early inside to get a table.

  Where & when Description
Night Club
"La Bolera"
(as well known as "Discoteca Luanda")
  • [1]* C/ Vicente Garcia
    (200 m from the Viazul bus station)
  • Thuesday - Sunday - 10p.m. - 3a.m.
  • The main club of Las Tunas: Salsa, rap and reggueton
Hotel Las Tunas
  • [2]* Hotel Las Tunas
    (right by the Plaza de la Reviolución)
  • 10p.m. - 3a.m.
  • More private atmosophere, better to go as a couple
"La Cubana"
  • [3]* c/ Francisco Varona
    (200m near the central park)
  • Discotheque with 2 floors (ground floor with dance floor, upstairs open air bar)
"El Taino"
  • [4]* Carretera Central
    Vicente García
  • 7-8p.m. - 1a.m.
  • Friday and Sauturday great show with dance, magicians and comicals. You pay in Pesos Cubanos. It's worth a visit!

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Bars in Las Tunas

There are a lot of bars in Las Tunas City, some of them 24 hours open. Here a list of recommendable places to take a drink:

  Where & When Description
"Hotel Cadillac"
  • [5]* right by the central park
    "Vicente Garcia"
  • open all day long
  • Open air terrace. Thi bar is one of the most popuelar places until dusk.
"El Ranchón"
  • [6]* Roundabout on the road
    Las Tunas - Holguin
  • 24 hours
  • Music and drinks open air and all day & night long. Best time after 3a.m. when the the clubs are closing. No entrance fee.
"Piano Bar"
  • [7]* in the front of the
    "Hotel Cadillac"
  • 8.30p.m. - 2a.m.
  • Bar with air condition and clean atmosphere, couples preffered. Cocktails are served.
"La Roca"
  • [8]* c/ Francisco Verona
    (5 min walking from the central park "Vicente Garcia")
  • from early in the morning until 2a.m.
  • Popular bar with drinks and music, air condition. Later people dance.
Bar restaurante
"La Bodeguita"
  • [9]* c/ Francisco Verona
    crossing the street by the central park
  • Cuban dishes and drinks in clean and private atmosphere. Sometimes live music.
Cafetería Bar
"Las Antillas"
  • [10]* by the fountain
    "Fuente de las Antillas"
    (# Ctra. Vicente Garcia / Lucas Ortiz) 10min. walk from the cental park
  • Open air bar with music and great views from this elevated place. Best draft beer in town!
"El Piropo"
  • [11]* c/ Lucas Ortiz
    near the fountain
    "Las Antillas"
  • Bar with music (salsa, reggueton, disco) and a new light show. Casual atmosphere.
Bar Swimming Pool
"Hotel Las Tunas"
  • [12]* Hotel Las Tunas
  • 10a.m. - 6p.m.
  • A great choice for hot days. Lay back in the sun and have a drink. Best views towards the roofs of Las Tunas. Don't forget to bring a passport copy.
Bar & terrace
"La Serrana"
  • [13]* 300 m before the "El Ranchón"
    on the road from Las Tunas to Holguin
  • Complex with restaurant, bar and terrace. Music and drinks. No entrance fee.

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Map Las Tunas Cuba: Nightlife

[gmap markers=numbers::20.954909373814488,-76.95113360881805:

Las Tunas Cuba nightlife guide - "La Bolera" Discoteca "La Bolera"
Las Tunas

+ 20.95324132573535,-76.94180488586426:

Las Tunas Cuba nightlife guide - "Tropical" Discoteca "Tropical"
Las Tunas

+ 20.955647206561654,-76.95201873779297:

Las Tunas Cuba nightlife guide - "La BoleraLa Cubana" Discoteca "La Cubana"
Las Tunas

+ 20.95448497430601,-76.9624525308609:

Las Tunas Cuba nightlife guide - "La El Taino" Cabaret "El Taino"
Las Tunas

+ 20.956518874828248,-76.95386677980423:

Las Tunas Cuba nightlife guide - "La Hotel Bar Cadillac" Bar "Hotel Cadillac"
Las Tunas

+ 20.945643447755007,-76.94297432899475:

Las Tunas Cuba nightlife guide - "La Ranchón" "El Ranchón"
Las Tunas

+ 20.95635355882313,-76.95408940315247:

Las Tunas Cuba nightlife guide - "La Piano Bar" Bar "Piano Bar"
Las Tunas

+ 20.957613462555837,-76.95380508899689:

Las Tunas Cuba nightlife guide - "La La Roca" Bar "La Roca"
Las Tunas

+ 20.957538319489622,-76.95371121168137:

Las Tunas Cuba nightlife guide - "La Bodeguita" Bar restaurante "La Bodeguita"
Las Tunas

+ 20.955309058022014,-76.95950210094452:

Las Tunas Cuba nightlife guide - "Las Antillas" Cafetería Bar "Las Antillas"
Las Tunas

+ 20.95592774402929,-76.95888787508011:

Las Tunas Cuba nightlife guide - "La El Piropo" Bar "El Piropo"
Las Tunas

+ 20.953602022468672,-76.94292068481445:

Las Tunas Cuba nightlife guide - "La Hotel Las Tunas" Bar Piscina
"Hotel Las Tunas"

Las Tunas

+ 20.94903438535293,-76.94589257240295:

Las Tunas Cuba nightlife guide - "La La Serrana" Bar y Terraza
"La Serrana"

Las Tunas

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