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Artemisa Mayabeque
Capital City
Artemisa and Mayabeque provinces - geographic location in Cuba
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  • Sub bathing and diving at Playa Jibacoa beach
  • The "Charangas de Bejucal" Festival
  • Orchid Garden in Soroa
  • The ecologic Las Terrazas village
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  • Sights in Artemisa & Mayabeque
    Artemisa & Mayabeque have many to offer for tourists
  • Cuba Artemisa - Las Terrazas
    Las Terrazas - the ecological village in Cuba
  • Tourist attraction Soroa "Castillo de las Nubes"
    "Castillo de las Nubes" - Soroa
  • Las Terrazas - Artemisa province
    Las Terrazas - a beautiful place in Artemisa Cuba
  • Orchid Garden in Soroa Cuba
    The nice Orchid Garden in Soroa Cuba
Tourism Artemisa Mayabeque

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Although located in the immediate vicinity of the capital of Cuba, currently relatively few tourists get lost in the neighboring provinces of Artemisa (west) and Mayabeque (east).
The sights of the two agricultural provinces appeal to nature lovers and sun worshipers. The ecological project Las Terrazas in Artemisa and the dream beach Playa Jibacoa in Mayabeque are the two highlights of the region.

For visitors interested in culture the town of San Antonio de los Banos with its school for cinema lovers is recommended.
It also houses the Museum of Humor and hosts the International Humor Festival every year.

Sights in Artemisa Mayabeque

Las Terrazas

Sights in Cuba Artemisa - Las Terrazas ecologic village

Las Terrazas is the name of the ecological showcase project in Cuba Artemisa. The landscape around the village of Las Terrazas is one of the most beautiful, Cuba has to offer and is a nature lover's paradise.

Las Terrazas is located in the mountains (or hills) of the Sierra del Rosario. Hiking on one of the idyllic mountain trails, swimming, paddling and lots of rest provide relaxation when you come from the lively Havana.

Be inspired by this peaceful place!


Soroa Cuba sights - Orchid garden

Soroa is about 70 kilometers from Havana and offers a great field for nature lovers. Walks, birdwatching or bathing under a waterfall are the arguments for a few relaxing days in the region.

Also, because of its spectacular Orchid Garden of Soroa is pretty popular between Cubans and tourists.

The impressive waterfall Salto del Arco Iris (rainbow waterfall) of Soroa plunges 22 meters into the depths. Here you refresh on hot days.

Charangas de Bejucal Festival

This Christmas festival takes place every year on the 24th December in the small town of Bejucal. It’s one of the most popular festivals in Cuba and one of the oldest traditions of the country.

The Charanga festival dates back to the 18th century. Thousands of volunteers, glittering moving cars and numerous music groups fill the streets. A fantastic mix of fantasy, creativity, painting, music, art and dance.

If somehow you are near Bejucal, do not miss this event. From the train station in Havana on 24th December, there will be day and night shuttle trains to Bejucal.

Beaches in Havana

There are numerous beaches in Artemisa and Mayabeque. Playa Jibacoa is the best known, but you will find in Mayabeque as well as in Artemisa numerous largely unknown beaches, which are worth a visit.

Public transport for tourists is rare and these areas and so you depend on taxi, car or bicycle. You will be rewarded by beaches that have been spared from mass tourism and areas that let the visitor experience the real Cuba.

Playa Jibacoa

Jibacoa beach is on the northern coast around 60 kilometers from the capital city of Havana. The sands here are excellent quality and the waters stay warm all year long. It’s a diver’s paradise, teaming with coral reefs and home to some fascinating wrecks, like the Jibacoa and Sparta ships.

Jibacoa thanks its attractiveness of its picturesque location of a bay framed by hills. In addition to sun, beach and sea, the Playa Jibacoa offers various outdoor activities such as horseback riding, trekking and boating.
Many visitors opt for the Hotel Las Brizas during their stay or alternatively for one of the numerous camping.

Playa Jibacoa is a Cuban beach - a great gateway to the real Cuba.

Artemisa and Mayabeque are often overlooked and is very much overshadowed by the nearby capital city. It’s pretty much off the beaten track but the amount of hotels and hostels (casas particulares) in Artemisa and Mayabeque is increasing all the time, along with other tourist attractions. For the moment though, it remains free of mass tourism and charmingly Cuban!

Sights and Beaches
Cuba Artemisa Mayabeque sights
  • Las Terrazas
  • Soroa
  • San Antonio de los Baños
  • Hershey Train
Cuba Artemisa Mayabeque beaches
  • Artemisa North Coast
  • Playa Baracoa
  • Playa Boca Ciega (Vista del Mar)
  • Playa Carenero (Bahía Honda)
  • Playa Morrillo
  • Playa Mosquito (Nuevo Mariel)
  • Artemisa South Coast
  • Playa Cajío
  • Playa de Guanimar
  • Playa Majana
  • Playa del Salado
  • Mayabeque North Coast
  • Playa Arroyo Bermejo
  • Playa La Chivita
  • Playa Dura
  • Playa El Fraile
  • Playa Jibacoa
  • Playa del Muerto
  • Mayabeque South Coast
  • Playa de Ariza
  • Playa Mayabeque
  • Playa del Rosario
  • Playa Tasajera
Cuba Artemisa Mayabeque private accommodation
Private accommodation ("casas particulares")
  • Jibacoa
  • Guines
  • Mariel
  • Santa Cruz del Norte
  • Soroa
Cuba Artemisa Mayabeque hotels
"Hotel Moka Las Terrazas"
"Hotel Horizontes Villa Soroa"
"Hotel Islazul Las Yagrumas"
"Super Club Breezes Jibacoa","Cameleon Villas Jibacoa","Hotel Islazul Villa Loma","Cabañas Campismo Pena Blanca","Cabanas Campismo de Cocos"
Airports in Artemisa and Mayabeque Cuba
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Bus in Artemisa and Mayabeque Cuba - "VIAZUL" company
Bus stop "Viazul"
  • Las Terrazas
Bus in Artemisa and Mayabeque Cuba - "ASTRO" company
Bus stop "ASTRO"
  • Artemisa
  • Güines
Train in Cuba - Train stations in Artemisa and Mayabeque
Train station
  • San Cristóbal
  • Candelaria
  • Artemisa
  • Puerto Mariel
  • San Antonio de los Baños
  • Batabano
  • San José de las Lajas
  • Güines
  • Aguacate
Car rental in Cuba Artemisa and Mayabeque
Car rental
  • Artemisa
  • Güines
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Cuba Artemisa Mayabeque Internet
Internet - Public wifi
  • Artemisa: Boulevard (pedestrian zone), Parque de la Iglesia (park by the church)
  • Mayabeque: Park in the center of Güines