Restaurants and Paladares in Centro Habana

Restaurants and private Paladares restaurants in Havana - Centro Habana district

Restaurant guide Havana: Centro Habana district

Restaurants in Havana Cuba - Centro Habana district

Restaurants and Paladares en Centro Habana district of Havana are plentiful and varied. In addition to the Cuban Creole food, you can find Italian and Asian food. Paladares (private restaurants)are a good alternative, offering mostly Cuban food - chicken dishes, pork and beans at moderate prices.
If you are just looking for a quick snack, have a look on the businesses located in the Calle San Rafael. The fast food here is acceptable and very cheap.
Another option is to eat in your casa particular in Centro Habana. These casas particulares offer excellent dishes for a reasonable price (7 - 10 CUC). The owner of those private lodgings have a lot of experiences with tourists and will prepare the dishes in the way you want.

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Restaurants & Paladares in Centro Habana

Map and Description

Paladar "Las Delicias de Consulado"

Paladar "Bellamar"

Paladar "Amistad de Lanzarote"

Paladar "Doña Rosario"

Restaurante "Prado y Neptuno"

Restaurante "Los Nardos"

Restaurante "Tien Tan"

Restaurante "El Gran Dragón"

Restaurante "Biki's"

Paladar "La Guarrida"

Paladar "San Cristóbal"
  • Paladar "Las Delicias de Consulado"

    Consulado nº 309
    • Cuban cuisine. Dishes with pork, rice and beans. Terrace.
    • Price level** 7 - 10 CUC

  • Paladar "Bellamar"

    Virtudes nº 169
    • Cuban food. Pork, chicken and fish. Nice people. Friendly service.
    • Price level** 6 - 10 CUC

  • Paladar "Amistad de Lanzarote"

    Amistad nº 211
    • Cuban cuisine. Generous portions. Speciality is the chicken in honey sauce.
    • Price level** 6 - 10 CUC

  • Paladar "Doña Rosario"

    San Lázaro nº 260
    • Dishes of chicken an fish.
    • Price level** 8 - 10 CUC

  • Restaurante "Prado y Neptuno"

    Corner: Prado / Neptuno
    • Specialized in Italian food. The pizzas and pasta is very well elaborated. Pleasant atmosphere and extebnsive selection of Italian wines.
    • Price level** 7 - 12 CUC

  • Restaurante "Tien Tan"

    Cuchillo nº 7 Barrio Chino
    • With an extensive offer of 130 authentic Chinese dishes, this restaurant deserves mention for its quality, good service and prices more than acceptable. Must try the Chop Suey and the "Iron cow" ("res al hierro").
    • Price level** 5 - 12 CUC

  • Restaurante "El Gran Dragón"

    Cuchillo nº 1 Barrio Chino
    • This was the first restaurant opened in Chinatown oin Havana. Delicious wonton soup and other dishes like chow mein and the typical fried rice. Very reasonable prices.
    • Price level** 4 - 10 CUC

  • Restaurante "Biki's"

    Corner: Infanta / San Lázaro
    • Located near the University, this place offers paella with vegetables and different dishes properly prepared for vegetarians. Try the juices or a dessert made from rice!
    • Price level** 5 - 10 CUC

  • Paladar "La Guarrida"

    Concordia 418
    • Multi-storey building in the middle of the most authentic district of Havana.
    • The exquisite restaurant is on the top floor. Madonna has celebrated her birthday here.
    • Wide range of innovative Cuban dishes (15 - 30 CUC).
    • Enjoy a cocktail on the roof terrace with a panoramic view of Havana!

  • Paladar "San Cristóbal"

    San Rafael
    • Very popular rustic style site in the heart of Centro Habana (best to book in advance).
    • President Obama has eaten here while his stay on the island in 2016. You can still see photos and the cup of coffee he used. Beyonce was here too.
    • Cuban traditional cuisine. The dish costs between 12 and 30 CUC