Restaurants and Paladares in Vedado Havana

Restaurant Vedado Cuba

Gastronomy in Havana: restaurant guide Vedado Havana

There are different places to take a meal in Havana. You can choose to go out and visit a restaurant or a "paladar", these attractive small private restaurants, but as well you can stay in your casa particular in Havana Vedado and order a specific dish from the landlord.
There are a lot of restaurants and paladares in Havana Vedado offering many kinds of dishes. Here we have listed some recommendable.

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Restaurants in Vedado

Map and Description

Café TV

Paladar "Los Amigos"

Paladar "Decameron"

Paladar "El Gringo Viejo"

Paladar "El Hurón Azul"

Trattoría Maraka's

Restaurante "El Conejito"

Restaurante "La Torre"

    Corner: 17 / 10
    • Excellent fast food restaurant, where you can choose from a wide menu of burgers, sandwiches & delicious ice cream shakes.
    • Price range** 2 - 5 CUC

  • Café TV

    Corner: N / 19
    • Located in the building "Edificio Focsa", this restaurant offers quick & easy meals for people, they don't want nothing complicated. Burgers, sandwiches, salads & pasta.
    • Price range** 2 - 5 CUC

  • Paladar "Los Amigos"

    Calle M nº 253
    • Very popular among the "Habaneros". Abundant & delicious Creole food dishes.
    • Price range** 7 - 10 CUC

  • Paladar "Decameron"

    Calle Línea nº 753
    • Offers a wide range of Italian wines & pizza, lasagne & pasta. The menu offers a wide range of different meals & the quality is very good.
    • Price range** 10 - 12 CUC

  • Paladar "El Gringo Viejo"

    Calle 21 nº 454
    • The succulent dishes and the great service make this restaurant a favorite among tourists & "Habaneros". The wine offer is wide and you will enjoy an innovative cuisine.
    • Price range** 7 - 12 CUC

  • Paladar "El Hurón Azul"

    Calle Humboldt nº 153
    • This place is among the best "paladares" of Havana. The menu is very original and the clients love it. You must try the pork an a sauce of pineapple, the grouper in green sauce or the special dish of the house - "La Guajira".
    • Price range** 7 - 15 CUC

  • Trattoría Maraka's

    Calle O nº 260
    • Pizza, cooked in a stone oven and made with all the authentic Italians ingredients. The place is certainly among the best Italian cuisine in Havana.
    • Price range** 4 - 8 CUC

  • Restaurante "El Conejito"

    Corner: 17 / M
    • In this varied & delicious restaurant dishes of rabbit are the protagonist of the menu. They also offer chicken dishes, veal, fish & seafood.
    • Price range** 8 - 12 CUC

  • Restaurante "La Torre"

    Calle 17 nº 55 ("Focsa" building)
    • Situated on the top of the building "Edificio Focsa". Besides offering a spectacular view of the city & the sea, the menu offers delicious dishes of French cuisine.
    • Price range** ~ 30 CUC