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Top Sights

  • The moorish styled city center of Manzanillo
  • The sugar factory Demajagua in the surroundings of the city. From here started the Cuban Independence War.
  • Visit the crocodile farm Granja de Cocodrilos de San Francisco
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  • Sights in Manzanillo Cuba - church
    Inside of the church in Manzanillo
  • Altar in the church of Manzanillo
  • Old city center of Manzanillo Cuba
    The main square is surrounded by nice buildings
  • Sight seeing in Manzanillo
    Detail in the church of Manzanillo
  • Manzanillo tourism - Moorish architecture
    Moorish house in the city center
  • Beach of Manzanillo Cuba
    City beach with fisher boats
  • Monuments and sights in Manzanillo Cuba
    Monument by the waterfront
  • City center Manzanillo
    A nice and quiet town
  • Colonial house in Manzanillo
    Colonial house by the main square
  • Sights in Manzanillo
    The restored inside of the church
  • Waterfront Manzanillo
    The waterfront is the meeting point for young people in the evening
  • Manzanillo Cuba
    Manzanillo - city in Granma - Eastern Cuba
Tourism Manzanillo

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Manzanillo - the port city on the shores of the Gulf of Guacanayabo, is after Bayamo the largest population in the province of Granma.

Manzanillo impresses with its exotic architecture, whose most emblematic building is the gazebo in the center of Parque Céspedes.

In the surroundings is the National Sanctuary of "Demajagua" - where the spark that ignited the fire of the Cuban wars of independence occurred.

Considering that Granma is the forgotten province of Cuba, here there are still not many traces of mass tourism.

Heading south from Manzanillo, you can go (by rental car) along the entire coast to Cabo Cruz, the National Park of Desembarque del Granma, continuing to Marea del Portillo.

In the other directions you will reach Bayamo and Yara and Jiguani.

Parque Carlos Manuel de Céspedes

Best things to see in Manzanillo Cuba - central park

Manzanillo Central Park with the beautiful Arab-style gazebo, reminiscent of the Alhambra style in Granada - one of the emblematic buildings of Manzanillo. Also noteworthy are the old lampposts around the gazebo. Around the Central Plaza we can enjoy the most beautiful architecture in the city. Here one breathes a somewhat oriental air, something that one does not expect in this corner of the world.

Iglesia Parroquial La Purísima Concepción de Manzanillo

Church of Manzanillo - Iglesia Parroquial La Purísima Concepción

The neoclassical "La Purísima Concepción de Manzanillo Parish Church" is located next to the Central Park. It was built in 1834 and was recently restored in 2009. Inside we can see a beautiful golden altar dedicated to the Immaculate Virgin. Besides there is an altar of the "Virgen del Cobre" (patron saint of Cuba) and another dedicated to Jesus. The Immaculate Virgin has been the patron saint of Manzanillo since 1819 when the city won a battle against some English pirates (the Virgin is also known as "Virgin of Combat").

Ingenio Demajuagua

The "La Demajagua" sugar mill - redefined by the "Parque Naturtal La Demajuagua" - is located about 10 km south of Manzanillo and was owned by Carlos Manuel de Céspedes. Here began on October 10, 1868 what led Cuba to independence. Cespedes on this day released all his slaves - an unprecedented event that was the seed of the anti-colonial movement.
You can see remains of the mill and enjoy beautiful views of the Gulf Sea.

Granja de Cocodrilos de San Francisco

The Manzanillo Crocodile Farm is located next to the shore of the Gulf of Guacanayabo. Here the so-called "Cocodrilus Acutus" or also an American crocodile that is in danger of extinction is bred. The farm's territory is divided into several areas - from the incubation and reproduction area to the area with the largest specimens of this spice.
Many crocodiles have already been transferred from here to the "Granma Landing Natural Park" to ensure the survival of these animals.

Cayo Perla

The small Cayo Perla (3.5 ha) about 7 km from the coast in the middle of the Gulf of Guacanayabo reveals its charms under water where the ox-taker can enjoy beautiful underwater flora and fauna. The "Hotel Guacanayabo" in Manzanillo offers excursions.

Beaches in Manzanillo

In Manzanillo there is a small beach that refreshes the traveler but the best shores are located further south in the province of Granma. In front of the Manzanillo coast there is a small key (Cayo Perla) where you can go snorkeling and diving.

La Playita

This small beach is located within the city at the beginning of the Malecon in Manzanillo next to the "Litoral" Gastronomic Complex. It is only about 100 meters long and about 3-5 m wide but it is a good chance to cool off and the numerous trees protect the bather from the sun.

Beaches near Manzanillo

Going south of the city one finds hidden beaches on the way to "Demajagua". They are not a big deal but enough to cool off. You can also try it on the left side of the port. Unfortunately most of the coast consists of dark sand and stones. It is that the best beaches are further south.

Playa Las Coloradas, Cabo Cruz and Marea del Portillo

In the south of Granma, about 90 km away is the Campismo La Colorada beach. Here is a beautiful beach and whoever walks a little finds their private beach. A few kilometers away is the point where the "Granma" revolutionaries disembarked.

Cabo Sur is about 100 km from Manzanillo. Here we find beautiful romantic beaches and interesting places for divers. The Lighthouse helps to orient itself. The "Desembarque del Granma National Park" extends inland.

Marea del Portillo beach is probably the best beach in the province of Granma.


Restaurantes & paladares in Manzanillo.


Restaurant "El Golfo"

Fish and seafood dishes. It is located a few meters from the sea at the corner of Avda. 1º de Mayo and c / Aguilera.

Restaurant "Las Américas"

Creole food: Chicken, pork, rice, beans. Located in the central Calle Maceo.

Pizzería Nápoles

Very economical. Serves pizza and spaghetti. It is on Merchán Street.

Restaurant "Cayo Confite"

Next to the waterfront of Manzanillo.


Paladar Las Rocas

This palate in Manzanillo is located on Mártires de Vietnam street and serves hearty Creole homemade dishes at a reasonable price (8-12 CUC)


Salón Rojo (Cabaret)
Next to the Central Park this is the best option to have a drink and have fun in Manzanillo.

Anreise nach Manzanillo

Arrival to Manzanillo Cuba

Manzanillo is connected by ASTRO buses that go to Bayamo, Yara and Santiago de Cuba. There is also a train station in Manzanillo. Trains go to Bayamo, Santiago de Cuba, Havana and Jiguaní.

There is also an airport in Manzanillo (MZO) that is located to the southeast of the city. Flights to Havana depart from here several times a week.

Cuba Manzanillo sights
  • Parque Carlos Manuel de Céspedes
  • Iglesia Parroquial La Purísima Concepción de Manzanillo
  • Ingenio Demajuagua
  • Granja de Cocodrilos de San Francisco
  • Cayo Perla
Cuba Manzanillo beaches
  • La Playita
  • Beaches near Manzanillo
  • Playa Las Coloradas, Cabo Cruz and Marea del Portillo
Cuba Manzanillo hotels
  • Hotel "Guacanayayo"
Public Transport
Cuba Manzanillo Airport
  • Airport Manzanillo (MZO)
Cuba Manzanillo Bus stations "ASTRO"
Bus stations "ASTRO"
  • The ASTRO busses are exclusively for Cubans
Cuba Manzanillo Train stations
Train stations
  • There are trains to Bayamo, Santiago de Cuba, Havana and Jiguani
Cuba Manzanillo Car Rental
Car rental
  • By the hotel
Useful Informations
Cuba Manzanillo Tourist Office
Tourist Office
  • There is no tourist office, but the locals will help you always
Cuba Manzanillo Money Exchange
Money Exchange
  • "Cadeca" office in the Calle José Martí (nº 188) street
Cuba Manzanillo Internet
  • Wi-Fi at the Central Park "Parque Carlos Manuel de Céspedes"
Cuba Manzanillo Restaurants
  • Restaurant "El Golfo"
  • Restaurant "Las Américas"
  • Pizzería Nápoles
  • Restaurant "Cayo Confite"
Cuba Manzanillo Paladares
  • Paladar Las Rocas
Cuba Manzanillo Nightlife
Bars & Clubs
  • Salón Rojo (Cabaret)