Casa Ismael y Laura

Puerto Esperanza
Near Sea
Room   20 - 25.00 CUC

Separate room in a nice house in Puerto Esperanza

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At a glance
1 room

3 persons max.

2 double beds

Persons Rooms Season Price
2 1 low 20.00 CUC
2 1 high 25.00 CUC
3 1 low 20.00 CUC
3 1 high 25.00 CUC
High season:
January February March April July August November December


On the way to or from Vinales you can plan a few days for a beach holiday in the fishing village of Puerto Esperanza on the north coast of the province of Pinar del Rio.

Señor Ismael and a wife Señora Laura offer a guest room with private access in their small but very hospitable house.

The room has 2 wide beds that can comfortably sleep 2-3 people.

The private bathroom with hot water shower is right next door.

Outside we have the covered terrace and the small garden with shady palm trees.

You can also cook if you want. Breakfast and hot meals are served on request.

There is also a parking space for your rental car.

Spend a few nice days in Puerto Espranza, Cuba!

Accommodation details
Room equipment
Private bathroom
Air conditioning
Private area (other than the room)
Private entrance
Community area
Living room
Dining room
Services & Prices
Breakfast: 5 CUC
Meals: 10 CUC
Laundry Service: incl. CUC
Parking included

Car rental


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Casa Ismael y Laura Calle Isidro de Armas 5 24824 Puerto Esperanza PRICuba +53
20 - 25.00 CUC Separate room in a nice house in Puerto Esperanza - Persons: 1-3 persons max. Click here for a map. Lodging features:
  • Number of Rooms
  • Number of Double beds
  • Separate Entrance
  • Internet access
  • Private Bathroom
  • Air Conditioning
  • Parking
  • Terrace
22.774055 -83.73127