Casa Amanda y Julia

Near Center
Room   25 - 30.00 EUR

Casa particular with 2 spacious rooms for rent

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At a glance
2 rooms

8 persons max.

4 double beds

Persons Rooms Season Price
2 1 always 25.00 EUR
3 1 always 25.00 EUR
4 1 always 25.00 EUR
2 2 always 50.00 EUR
3 2 always 50.00 EUR
4 2 always 50.00 EUR
5 2 always 50.00 EUR
6 2 always 50.00 EUR
7 2 always 50.00 EUR
8 2 always 50.00 EUR


Room for rent in Vinales, Cuba. This B&B is about 400 m from the main street of the small city. So, you get fast to all the restaurants, bars and shops of the center.

The place offers 2 spacious hostel rooms for rent. Each has:

  • 2 double beds for up to 4 people
  • a private en-suite bathroom


On the porch of the house, just in the front of the door, you have a covered terrace, where you can relax and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of the Vinales Valley after a long day in the stunning nature here.

The friendly hosts also offer breakfast and hot meals for reasonable prices. Here in the Garden of Cuba you always can expect fresh fruits and vegetables to be on the menu.

Of course the landlords will help you also to organize excursions, in order to know the best places of the valley.

Comfortable private accommodation in Vinales, Cuba!

Accommodation details
Room equipment
Private bathroom
Air conditioning
Private area (other than the room)
Private entrance
Community area
Living room
Dining room
Services & Prices
Breakfast: 3-5 EUR
Meals: 5-12 EUR
Laundry Service: ~ EUR

Car rental


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Casa Amanda y Julia Calle Joaquín Peréz 13 10400 Vinales PRICuba +53
25 - 30.00 EUR Casa particular with 2 spacious rooms for rent - Persons: 1-8 persons max. Click here for a map. Lodging features:
  • Number of Rooms
  • Number of Double beds
  • Separate Entrance
  • Private Bathroom
  • Air Conditioning
  • Terrace
22.61512 -83.706486