Villa Isla del Encanto

Near Center
Room   20 - 30.00 EUR

Hostel with one guest room with a nice family

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At a glance
1 room

3 persons max.

1 double bed

1 single bed
Persons Rooms Season Price
2 1 low 20.00 EUR
2 1 high 30.00 EUR
3 1 low 20.00 EUR
3 1 high 30.00 EUR
High season:
January February March July August September November December


This guesthouse in the green Vinales Valley rents a guest room to tourists who want to explore the beautiful nature of this part of Cuba.

In front of the cottage there is a covered and seated terrace, for long evenings in the fresh air.

The offered room is furnished with 2 beds:

  • 1 double bed
  • 1 single bed

The private bathroom is next door and offers - as usual - a hot water shower, sink and toilet.

You will be offered breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Parking is possible in front of the door. 

Everything prepared for a stay in the garden of Cuba.

Accommodation details
Room equipment
Private bathroom
Air conditioning
Community area
Living room
Dining room
Services & Prices
Breakfast: 5 CUC
Meals: 10-15 CUC
Laundry Service: 10 CUC
Parking included

Car rental


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Villa Isla del Encanto Pasaje Primera 6 22400 Vinales PRICuba +53
20 - 30.00 EUR Hostel with one guest room with a nice family - Persons: 1-3 persons max. Click here for a map. Lodging features:
  • Number of Rooms
  • Number of Double beds
  • Number of Single beds
  • Internet access
  • Private Bathroom
  • Air Conditioning
  • Parking
  • Terrace
22.61303 -83.706626