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Isle of Youth


Cuba tourism Isle of Youth

Cuba Isla de la Juventud & cheap casas particulares
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The island of youth (Isla de la Juventud), also known as “treasure island”, is famous for prisons, scuba diving and pirates. It’s about as off the beaten track as you’re likely to get in Cuba. This is a paradise island - a beautiful natural setting with a very peaceful way of life…

Isla de la Juventud is the second largest Cuban island and is located directly below Havana and Pinar del Rio. It’s considered a special municipality - not part of any individual province. Rafael Cabrera Mustelier Airport is located just five kilometers south of Nueva Gerona. There are daily flights here from Havana with Cubana Airlines.

Accommodation offers Isle of Youth

tourist accommodation Isle of Youth Cuba

The casas particulares in Isle of Youth (Isla de la Juventud) are mostly located in Nueva Gerona - the capital city of the Island. 

Scattered throughout the small city, these hostel-like or B&B-like holidfay accommodations offer a good standard and a very good price.
Also important to know is, that they provide better value meals than the state run restaurants.

Please, have a look on our general page for casas particulares in order to find your private accommodation in other parts of Cuba.

If you want to stay in a hotel in Isla de la Juventud, most of them are located south of Nueva Gerona.

Nueva Gerona

Cuba Nueva Gerona - Tourist information

Nueva Gerona, the island’s capital, is located between the Sierra de los Cabas and the Sierra de Caballos. It’s about three kilometers up the River Casas on the left hand side. It’s an incredibly friendly place and a lot cheaper than Havana - a good place to chill out for a while and save money. Some of the sights worth checking out include: the Museo Municipal, Museo de la Lucha Clandestina and Museo Finca el Abra. If that sounds too boring, there’s also some excellent hiking and paragliding to be done here.

Scuba diving on the Isla de la Juventud

In the front of the southwest coast of the Island of Youth you gave the chance to explore one of the most beautiful and known diving places in all Cuba anbd the Caribbean.

If you focuse your vacation on diving, the best is to stay in the 'Hotel Colony' just in the front of the spot. But if you just want to try it, it's better to book a casa particular in Nueva Gerona and make a day trip. The Colony Hotel is located a little abroad and in a lodging in the capital you keep in touch with Cubans and other attractions in the surroundings.

Prison 'Presidio Modelo' - Isla de la Juventud

Isle of Youth - travel guide

The Prison, where Fidel Castro was imprisoned after he had attacked in 1953, together with other revolutionaries, Moncada - the military base in Santiago de Cuba. If you go alone throgh these empty buildings , you can imagine easily the life of these men. Fidel Castro was in an extra building behind the others. Today you can see a small exhibition about the life of the "Máximo Leader" in this time. Impressive!

Prehistoric cave paintings on the Isla de la Juventud

Isle of Youth - places to visit

In the south of the island you can explore prehistoric caves qith paintings from the first habitants - Siboneis. Experts thing, that the painted circles and crosses in the cave represent a solar calendar. To get there you need a guide and a 4x4, which you can book in Nueva Gerona.

Cayo Largo del Sur

Cayo Largo del Sur (Cayo Largo) is a tropical paradise located 120kms east of Isla de la Juventud. It’s a popular tourist resort, famous for its dazzling white sandy beaches and bright turquoise waters that stay balmy all year round.

If you’re after an easy “fun in the sun” holiday with amazing scuba diving, truly spectacular beaches and reefs along with all the crearture comforts of home, this is for you. Hotels in Cayo Largo del Sur are top class. Casas particulares however, will be very hard to find.

Apart from being a paradise island surrounded by stunning tropical waters, La Isla de la Juventud is one of the most friendly and welcoming places in Cuba.

Stay in one of La Isla de la Juventud’s casas particulares - the hosts are genuinely warm generous people that will open their homes and their hearts to you. They’ll do everything possible to make sure you enjoy your stay.

Isla de la Juventud - Cuba

Isla de la Juventud

  • Capital: Nueva Gerona
  • Havana:                180 km
  • Santiago de Cuba: 940 km

  • Map & Next provinces

  • Cuba Isla de la Juventud - isle of youth - cuba diving

Top attractions in Isla de la Juventud

  • Exploring Fidel Castro’s former residence - the prison at Presidio Modelo….spooky!
  • Immersing yourself - hitting the depths of ocean, surrounded by the wrecks, walls and coral gardens in Punta de Pedernales
  • Chilling out and enjoying the soft white sands and warm cozy waters on Cayo Largo
Where to stay
  • Isle of Youth Cuba
    Hostels & Apartments
    Nueva Gerona

  • Hotels

    Isla de la Juventud
    "Hotel Gran Caribe El Rancho El Tesoro"
    "Villa Gran Caribe Isla de la Juventud"
    "Motel Las Codornices"

    Playa Siguanea
    "Hotel Colony"

    Cayo Largo
    "Hotel Sol Cayo Largo"
    "Gran Caribe Club Coral"
    "Hotel Sol Pelicano"
    "Hotel Villa Lindamar"
    "Eden Village Cayo Largo"
    "Gran Caribe Playa Blanca"

    "Hotel Ville Gran Caribe Ecolodge"
    "Villa Marinera"

Sights & Beach
  • Sights

  • Beach
    Playa Gerona
    Playa Colombo
    Playa Bibijagua
    Playa Larga
    Playa Roja ("Hotel Colony")
    Playa Buenavista

Useful Informations
  • Internet Isla de la Juventud Cuba
    Public Internet via WiFi (ETECSA telephone company - 2 CUC / hour)

    - pedestrian zone in the center of Nueva Gerona ("Boulevard")

Province Isla de la Juventud

Cuba Beach: Isla de la Juventud

Pictures of Cuba beaches - Isla de la Juventud There’s plenty to choose from here, including: Playa Bibijagua, Playa El Frances, Playa Larga, Playa Los Cocos, Playa Paraiso, Playa Tortuga, Playa Blanca beach, Playa Lindamar beachFeatured Beaches:

  • Beaches Isla de la Juventud - Playa Bibijagua

    Just six kilometers from Nueva Gerona, Bibijagua is a spectacular black sandy beach, close to the Presidio Modelo (Model Prision) museum - where Fidel Castro was imprisoned. The residents here are a mixture of Cayman Islanders and Japanese.

  • Beaches Isla de la Juventud - Playa Blanca

    This magnificent beach stretches for seven kilometers making it the largest on the island. The waters here are crystal clear.

  • Beaches Isla de la Juventud - Playa Los Cocos y Playa Tortuga

    Both beaches are an extension of Playa Blanca. Los Cocos is home to many tiny coves and huge coconut trees. Playa Tortugas is where hundreds of sea turtles (Tortugas) lay their eggs on the warm sands. Expect to see endless new arrivals between the months of May and October.

Travel in Cuba: Isla de la Juventud
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    Nueva Gerona

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