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District Vedado

The Vedado district in Havana is located west of Centro Habana and Habana Vieja. Most of the offices, agencies, banks, major hotels and night clubs are located here. Vedado is the economic and financial center of the city.

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District: Vedado
City map Vedado Cuba

Useful informations
  • Havana travel guide District Vedado - Tourist office
    Tourist office
    Cubatur ("calle 23/ M")

  • Money exchange  District Vedado
    Money exchangeBanco Financiero Internacional ("Linea"/ Ecke "Calle 0")

  • Internet Vedado Cuba
    "Hotel Nacional" (2nd floor/ ask the reception)

  • District Vedado Cuba Hospital
    + Hospital Clínico Quirúgico "General Calixto García" San Lazaro No. 701, e/Marques Gonzáles y Belascoain
    + "Hospital Hermanos Ameijeiras" (Centro Habana - "Calle Neptuno" / "Calle Marquez Gonzalez")

  • Tourism Vedado - Shopping
    Galerias de Paseo
Accommodation in Havana Vedado
Lodging Havana Cuba

Private lodgings - "Casas particulares" or "Casas de renta" in Havana Vedado are an excellent choice for the budget-conscious tourist who wants to experience Havana. The quality of private accommodation in Vedado district is higher than in the historical center (Habana Vieja & Centro Habana). The rooms are more spacious, brighter and better equipped. You can also find holiday houses and apartments with private pool in Havana Vedado. Often they are located in a beautiful old villa, where you can still find some of the luxury atmosphere from the past. Owners of casas particulares in Vedado are keen to gain satisfied tenants. After a few minutes and a cup of Cuban coffee you will already feel at home.But if you are looking for a luxury hotel in Vedado, you will find more then one. This is where the largest concentration is found in hotels in Havana: for example the "Hotel Nacional", the "Hotel Capri", the "Hotel Habana Libre", and many other world renowned. Most of these high-quality accommodations are near the sea front of Havna - the "Malecón". Prices start at about 60 CUC for an average room and go up to 300 CUC for more luxury accommodations.

But if you are looking for a luxury hotel in Vedado, you will find more then one. This is where the largest concentration of hotels in Havana is found: for example the "Hotel Nacional", the "Hotel Capri", the "Hotel Habana Libre", and many other world renowned hotels. Most of these high-quality accommodations are near the sea front of Havana - the "Malecón". Prices start at about 60 CUC for an average room and go up to 300 CUC for more luxury accommodations.

  • District Vedado Cuba
    Rooms & Apartments
    Havana Vedado

  • District Vedado - Hotels
    "Hotel Habana Libre"
    "Hotel Nacional"
    "Hotel Riviera"
    "Hotel Capri"
    "Hotel Presidente"

  • Car rental Havana District Vedado
    Car rental
    Hotel Comodoro""
    Hotel "Habana Libre"
    Hotel "Nacional"

Sights & Monuments in Havana Vedado

Originally Vedado was nothing more than a forest where a Count owned a few parcels - a closed area "zona vedada". However, the picture soon transformed and quickly the region blossomed. Vedado district of Havana with many galleries, theaters, parks and museums. A walk through Vedado is one of the most beautiful experiences one can do in Havana. Don't miss it under any circumstances.

  • Havana travel guide District Vedado - Tourism - Sights & Monuments
    Sights & Monuments
    The most famous Hotel in Cuba
    Hotel "Habana Libre"
    Nightlife district
    University of Havana
    The waterfront of Havana
    House of the Americas
    Decorative art museum
    Napoleonic Museum
    Museum of Dance
    Old cemetery

  • Havana travel guide District Vedado - Tourism - Fun, leisure & sports
    Fun, leisure & sports
    Cinema Yara
    Hotel pool "Hotel Nacional"
    Cultural "Fresa y Chocolate"

  • Public pools Vedado Havana travel guide
    Public pools
    "Hotel Nacional"
    "Hotel Meliá Cohiba"

  • Beaches Havana travel guide District Vedado - Tourism
    "Playas del Este" beaches

The most famous Hotel in Cuba

   |   Hotel Nacional

In 1998 this hotel was declared a national monument. This beautiful building was erected in 1930 with the use of stylistic elements of the Art Deco, the neo-classical and neo-colonialism and has an H-shaped floor plan. It is one of the most popular buildings in Havana, where many celebrities from the arts and politics - not to mention the Mafia - have spent the night.

Sights in Cuba Havana Vedado district - Hotel offer

Hotel "Habana Libre"

   |   habana libre

It was built as one of the most prestigious hotels "Hilton" - the "Havana Hilton". The name changed after the 1959 revolution. The building has 25 floors and is a masterpiece of modern classic architecture. The beautiful 670 m long wall paint is the work of artist Anlia Pelaez.

Havana sights - Hotels in the city center
"Calle 23"

Nightlife district

   |   La Rampa

The "La Rampa" is a stretch of "Calle 23", between calle L" and the "Malecón" beachfront. It is a lively area that serves as a meeting place for many "Habaneros". Here you’ll find concentrated offices, restaurants, radio stations, cinemas and art galleries. You can find the famous "Hotel Habana Libre" and the biggest and most famous ice cream parlor in Cuba: "La Coppelia".

By night this is the place to go: Numerous nightclubs, bars and discotheques will invite you to party in Havana.

Nightlife guide Havana - clubs and bars in the La Rampa area
"Calle 23" # 'Calle L' & 'Malecón'

University of Havana

   |   Universidad de La Habana

Founded in 1718, it is the oldest university in Cuba and among the first in America. The statue that presides over the staircase was made by the Czech sculptor Mario Krobel, who chose a young aristocratic woman of the era as a model. This work is known as the "Alma Mater" and is the landmark of the University of Havana.

  • Anthropological Museum - "Museo Antropológico": Displays an extensive collection of artefacts and objects from the pre-Columbian period.
  • Museum of Natural History - "Museo de Historia Natural": Hosts a large exhibition of mollusks, insects, fishes and fossils.

Sights and travel guide Havana
"Calle L" und "Calle 27"

The waterfront of Havana

   |   El Malecón

The "Malecón" in Havana is one of the most famous and photogenic waterfronts in the world and extends over 8 km from the "Castillo de la Punta" to the mouth of the river "Almendares", the border between Vedado and the district of Playa & Miramar. Here you will find important monuments and buildings of the city and for the "Habaneros" this is a special place to meet with friends or with the partner to enjoy the refreshing sea air and the impressive sunsets.Sights by the "Malecón" waterfront of Havana:

  • Monument "Antonio Maceo": established in 1916 for one of the greatest generals of the Cuban war for independence.
  • Monument "Calixto García": inaugurated in 1959 in memory of another hero in the Cuban struggle for independence.
  • Memorial to the victims of the "Maine": The explosion of American warship "maine" used the U.S. as a pretext to intervene in the Spanish-Cuban war. The memorial commemorates the victims
  • Place of the Anti-Imperialist Tribune: This large square, opposite the U.S. Embassy is used for political campaigns, concerts and demonstrations. The sculpture represents José Martí.
  • "Edificio Focsa" building: It is considered one of the most outstanding Cuban architecture. It construction was completed in 1956 and counted as the second highest in the world. A masterpiece of modern engineering in this time. It has 39 floors and is divided into three main parts. Although it is a residential building, you will find as well restaurants and cafes, shops, offices and TV studios.
on the waterfront

House of the Americas

   |   Casa de Las Americas

This is one of the most important cultural institutions in Cuba. It was founded in 1959 with the aim of promoting and developing cultural relations between the people of Latin America and the Caribbean. Provides various literature prizes in Latin America. It has an art gallery and a bookstore.

Corner "Calle G" / "Calle 3"

Decorative art museum

   |   Museo de artes decorativas

The National Museum of Decorative Arts features eleven exhibit halls with 23 collections, consisting of 35,000 exquisite pieces of Rococo style, Oriental and Art Deco.

"Calle 17" Nº 502

Napoleonic Museum

   |   Museo Napoleónico

Unique in its topic in Latin America, the museum has 4 floors with a permanent exhibit of more then 7,400 pieces of the Napoleonic era with some personal belongings of the Emperor. Furniture, weapons, costumes and artwork.

"Calle San Miguel" Nº 1159

Museum of Dance

   |   Museo de la Danza

Displays various objects related to the history of dance in Cuba from the 17th century until today. The rooms are dedicated to the National Ballet, the Russian Ballet, Spanish Dance, Modern Dance and a special room dedicated to the life and career of Alicia Alonso.

"Calle" Linea Nº 365

Old cemetery

   |   Necrópolis de Colón
One of the largest cemeteries in the world - and the largest in the Americas. The "Necrópolis de Colón" is structured like a city in the city and there are also street names. Here you find the graves of many celebrities, such as the "Buena Vista Social Club" musician Ibrahim Ferrer, the boxing legend Teofilio Stevenson and many important Cuban politicians.

The sometimes-glorious architecture of the grave plants makes this place well worth a visit. The cemetery "Necrópolis de Colón" is a protected monument of Havana.

Calle 23

Fun, leisure & sports in Havana Vedado

Cinema Yara

Visit the most famous cinema in Cuba and watch one of the movies (often in English). An architectural gem.

Havana Cuba - fun and leisure and sports guide
Hotel pool "Hotel Nacional"

On hot days you will love this place. Have drink and refresh yourself in the pool of the "Hotel Nacional". Even as a non-hotel guest, you can use the pool area and the sun loungers for a reasonable price. The price includes a tasty hamburger on the pool bar.

Cultural "Fresa y Chocolate"

Center for filmmakers in Havana. There is a cafe, full of props from the Cuban movie "Fresa y Chocolate" by the director Tomás Gutierrez Alea. For cinema fans a must.

Gastronomy - Restaurants and Paladares in Havana Vedado

  • Restaurants District Vedado - Review
    Restaurant "La Roca"
    Restaurant "Unión Francesa"

  • Paladares District Vedado - Review
    Paladar "Le Chansonnier"
    Paladar "Los Tres Mosqueteros"

As expected, there are a large number of restaurants and private "paladares" in Havana Vedado district. From fast food restaurants, like "" up to restaurants with French cuisine, serving excellent fish dishes, everything is represented. The private restaurants - the so-called "paladares" in Havana are increasing in popularity and offer a pleasant alternative to the government-run restaurants. 

Of course, as well in Vedado Havana you can have your meal in your "casa particular". This costs about 7-10 CUC / person (without drinks). 

Restaurants in Havana Vedado
Restaurant "La Roca"Popular and traditional restaurant in Havana Vedado. Since the fifties this place offers delicious dishes with fish and meat. Be surprised by the decoration.
Restaurant "Unión Francesa"Exquisite French restaurant in Havana Vedado. Located in a stylish colonial villa, the menu includes very good dishes in a delightful atmosphere. There are tables indoors and on the terrace.
Paladares in Havana Vedado
Paladar "Le Chansonnier"This paladar promises innovative food in a stylish setting. The menu features seafood and meat dishes. A highlight is the duck ("pato a la casa").
Paladar "Los Tres Mosqueteros"Good Cuban fare (Creole cuisine), but also seafood at reasonable prices.

Nightlife in Havana Vedado

Nightlife guide Havana Cuba - party in Vedado La Rampa and clubs in Havana
  • Nightlife District Vedado - Bars Review
    Piano Bar "Delirio Habanaero"
    "Opus Bar"

  • Nightlife Havana travel guide District Vedado - Nightclubs Review
    "Cabaret Parisien"
    "1830 Club" by the waterfront "Malecón"

Around the party zone "La Rampa" there is a plenty of nightclubs, bars and discotheques. Salsa, Boleros, Reggae or house music invites you to party in Havana.

Bars in Havana Vedado
Piano Bar "Delirio Habanaero"This bar is located in the "Teatro Nacional" and in the evening you have a great view of the brightly illuminated "Plaza de la Revolución". Cocktails, comfortable chairs and good, Cuban music ("Nueva Trova", Rumba and Salsa). A good choice!
"Opus Bar"Lounge bar upstairs in the "Teatro Amadeo Rolán". Great place to enjoy a drink in an intimate atmosphere.
Nightclubs in Havana Vedado
"Cabaret Parisien"Great Cabaret Show, and a lot cheaper than in the famous "Club Tropicana" in the Miramar district. The "Cabaret Parisien" is located right next to the "Hotel Nacional".
"1830 Club" by the waterfront "Malecón"This popular Salsa Club you find shortly before the tunnel leading to the Havana Miramar district. Every weekend many people fill up the dance floor on the terrace, moving to the hot salsa rhythms.

City map Havana Vedado

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