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Cuba tourism | Viñales  | 
Province: Pinar del Río

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Viñales is a small and peaceful town located in the north-central part of Pinar del Río province, about 26 kilometers north of Pinar del Río city. It dates back to 1878 and was once home to a large population of runaway slaves. 

Not only is this Fidel Castro’s favourite part of Cuba, it’s also where they produce, what’s unquestionably, the finest tobacco in the world!

Nowadays there are an estimated 8,000 people engaged in growing tobacco here and (in true Cuban style) growing methods have remained unchanged for centuries. Tobacco processing is still done by hand using field workers and animal traction. There’s no fancy machinery here. Apparently, modern mechanical methods will reduce the quality of the tobacco, so the old ways have been preserved in order to create Cuba’s legendary cigars.

Viñales town is set amongst some of the most spectacular natural scenery in Cuba, with lush green valleys and magnificent karst landscapes. The world famous Viñales Valley has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since November 1999. 

The town itself consists mainly of quaint one-story houses with grand colorful porches. Tourism is on the rise but Viñales still retains that distinctive Cuban old-world charm. 

A far cry from the hustle and bustle of Havana or some of the other Cuban cities, this sleepy little village, with its unique rustic charms, is the perfect Cuban Hideaway! 

Lodgings Viñales

Hostels Viñales Cuba

Casas particulares
Depending on your needs and budget, you can choose to stay in a casa particular in Vinales – which is basically the Cuban form of a bed and breakfast or in a hotel.

The beauty of staying in a casa particular is that you get to mingle and hang out with the, often very entertaining, locals. Prices are cheaper and the meals are often better than what you’d find in the hotels. 

Hotels in Viñales
There are three tourist hotels here – "Hotel Las Jazmines", "Hotel La Ermita", and "Rancho Horizontes San Vicente". They all have three star ratings and are located just a few kilometers outside town. Both "Hotel Las Jazmines" and "Hotel La Ermita" are renowned for their spectacular views.

Camping is also an option. It’s warm all year round, so why not!
Campismo Dos Hermanos has 54 basic cabins and a restaurant. The swimming pool is very large. 

Sights in Viñales

Viñales Cuba Sights - Church in the center of Viñales
Tourism in Viñales city:

There’s a surprising amount of things to do and see in and around this small town. Probably the biggest attraction in the town is the main street itself - Calle Salvador Cisneros, which was named after the legendary leader, Salvador Cisneros Betancourt.
Salvador was a leader in the war of independence from 1868 to 1878. He later went on to become the President of Cuba in the late 1800’s.
The central plaza is also well worth checking out. The Casa de la Cultura puts on shows and events here daily, everything from fashion to events for the kids.
On Saturday mornings they have a superb farmer's market!
Viñales Cuba Sights -
Mural de la Prehistoria:

The Mural de la Prehistoria is located just a few kms outside town. This surreal cliff art was commissioned by Fidel in the early sixties. It’s not exactly very beautiful but it’s interesting to look at and is a stark contrast to the surrounding landscape. There’s also a restaurant, bar, and gift shop here.

For more active pursuits, you can also try bird watching, horse riding, caving, hiking and climbing. Alternatively, why not try a tobacco farm tour or hire a motorbike and explore this lovely part of Cuba for yourself. Don’t forget your passport!

Cuba Viñales

Province Pinar del Río

Viñales Cuba Map Province Pinar del Río
  • Sights in Cuba Viñales
    Tourism in Viñales city
    Mural de la Prehistoria

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    Casa de Don Tomás
    Las Brisas
    El Estanco II

  • Paladares in Cuba Viñales
    Paladar Tatio
    Paladar La Cabaña

  • Bars & clubs in Cuba Viñales
    Hotel Los Jazmines and Hotel La Ermita
    Cueva de Viñales

  • Hotels in Cuba Viñales
    Hotel "Las Jazmines"
    Hotel "La Ermita"
    Hotel "Rancho Horizontes San Vicente"

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Beaches in Viñales

Cuba Travel Guide: - Viñales Beaches

The two closest beaches to Viñales are Cayo Levisa and Cayo Jutias – both located in Pinar del Río Province. Cayo Levisa offers pristine turquoise waters and soft white sands bathed by a warm balmy climate all year round. It’s a picture-perfect Caribbean paradise, which is only reachable by boat. 

The closest beach to Viñales is Cayo Jutias. It’s another Caribbean gem with soft sands and clean warm waters. The easiest way to get here is by private taxi from Viñales. Tourists have to pay a small entry fee. You’ll need your passport!

Further a field is the world famous Maria La Gorda. A Mecca for scuba divers and snorklers, this underwater paradise is well worth making the effort to get to. 

Restaurants & Paladares in Viñales

There are a number of top quality restaurants in Viñales to choose from.  Here’s a few options: 

 Restaurants in Viñales

Casa de Don Tomás
This is the oldest house in Viñales and was once the most popular eating spot in town. The food is still delicious! Try the rice and lobster dishes. You wont be disappointed!
Las Brisas

This place serves up some excellent deep fried chicken at very cheap prices. Great if you have the munchies and are on a budget!

El Estanco II

This fast food place is located about 1km outside of town and serves pizza, spaghetti and beers.

 Paladares in Viñales

Paladar Tatio

Serves mainly Creole cuisine and excels in terms of quality service and (mostly importantly) deliciousness!

Paladar La Cabaña

Offers great food in a nice family atmosphere. Very good value for money.

Nightlife: Bars, pubs & clubs in Viñales

The nightlife here is fairly low-key. It’s more of a chilled out scene. There are a few small bars on the main road through the centre of town, where you can relax with a cerveza or two (Cuban style). Every so often, there are concerts at Casa de la Cultura, Patio de Polo Montañez and Patio del Decimista. 

Hotel Los Jazmines and Hotel La ErmitaThese hotels can get quite lively but the atmosphere mainly depends on the type of guests that are staying there.
Cueva de ViñalesProbably the best place for nightlife in Viñales is in the nearby Cueva de Viñales. What could be cooler than a pumping disco located in a cave! It’s loud, full of locals and loads of fun!

Arrival to Viñales - Pinar del Rio Cuba

The local bus company (Viazul) runs buses two times a day from Havana and Pinar del Río. You can also get here by bus from Cienfuegos and Trinidad.

Once you get here, you can take a green minibus tour, which goes for a spin around the main sights, stopping at the main tourist hotels. For around 5 CUC you can ride all day long. 

Weather & climate in Viñales

Viñales and the surrounding Valley have a tropical savannah climate characterized by both a dry and rainy season with warm temperatures all year long. Coffee and tobacco thrive here. The rainy season runs from June till October. When it rains here, it pours! Don’t worry though, it never lasts long and can be a welcome respite from the high humidity. 

Viñales Cuba Map

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