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Restaurants and Paladares in Miramar Havana



Havana Miramar - tourist information, restaurants, paladaresGastronomy in Havana: restaurant guide Miramar Havana

Cuban cuisine is experiencing a renaissance. The monotonous and not very creative cuisine is on the declining and the imaginitive cuisine on the rise. The restaurants in Miramar provide the proof. Number of restaurants in this district of Havana have adjusted to the demanding customer, so, that you find from the simple black beans ("frijoles") to the extravagant "Mousse de Pollo" everything.

The private restaurants - the Paladares in Miramar Havana have worked hard and only the best survived. Innovative dishes and large portions attract the price-conscious guest.

Of course, the casas particulares in Miramar as well offer house-made meals for their clients, just ask the land lord - your wishes are their command.

Paladares & Restaurants in Miramar

Avenida 7
Calle 26
  • The large offer includes huge hamburgers, sandwiches, breakfast, ice cream, soft dronks and milk shakes. Quality and service at competitive prices
  • Price range** 3 - 5 CUC
"Don Cangrejo"
Avenida1 nº 1606
  • The house speciality is seafood. Pleasant atmosphere and attentive service. Enjoy the ocean view and the ever-fresh fish & seafood. Fishor shrimps for about 8 - 12 CUC and Lobster for about 20 CUC
  • Price range** 7 - 20 CUC
Complejo gastronómico
"Dos Gardenias"
Avenida 7
Calle 28
  • This is a concentration of several restaurants, each one offering another kind of cuisine. There is for instance a Chinese restaurant and an Italian restaurant, but as well is available a restaurant offering meat from the grill.
  • Price range** 6 - 13 CUC
"Casa Española"
Calle 26
  • Excellent Spanish resaturant in a castle-like building. Here can enjoy traditional Spanish cuisine such as for example Paella or Spanish tortilla. Ecellent wine list and stylish service.
  • Price range** 10 - 30 CUC
"Calle 10"
Calle 10 nº 314
  • This private restaurant serves its guests in a beautiful garden and offers delicious dishes such as lamb skewer, squid or stuffed fish.
  • Price range** 5 - 10 CUC
"Mi Jardín"
Calle 66 nº 517
  • Mexican cuisine is rarey found on the island, but this Paladar in Miramar Havana enchants its guests with delicious tacos and quesadillas. Recommendation: "Pescado a la Veracruzana" (fish).
  • Price range** 5 - 9 CUC
"El Ajibe"
Avenida 7
% Calle 24 & Calle 26
  • This paladar is already well known between foreign tourists and even Cubans. Here you find the best Cuban cuisine. Creativity & talented chefs make the "El Ajibe" one of the best Cuban restaurants in Havana. Recommendation: "Pollo al Ajibe" (chicken).
  • Price range** ~ 20 CUC
"La cocina de Liliam"
Calle 48 nº 1311
  • Excellent Paladar, which the guests satisfies with quality and fresh ingedients. The pleasant atmosphere and the good service are the arguments for this place. Recommendation: "Brocheta de Atún" (tuna skewer)
  • Price range** 8 - 13 CUC
"La Fontana"
Avenida 3A nº 305
  • One of the most famous restaurants in Havana and throughout Cuba. Beautiful decor, excellent service, appetizing and succulent dishes from international cuisine are the secrets of the success of this place. The house speciality: fish & meat from the grill.
  • Price range** 8 -15 CUC

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** Price range** means what you pay for one dish

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